How top-performing marketing and sales teams drive revenue with the True ABM Platform.


To succeed today, B2B marketers must maximize the value of ideal customers throughout the entire lifecycle with account-based brand awareness, pipeline generation, pipeline acceleration, customer retention, and expansion.

The True ABM Platform

Traditional marketing playbooks aren’t working anymore. Lead generation and pipe creation aren’t enough. The only way to revitalize the role of marketing as a revenue engine is to engage target accounts across the entire customer lifecycle.

No more vanity metrics like form fills and lead volume. Marketing teams now MUST focus on real business impact – a sustainable growth advantage throughout the revenue flywheel.

Engage Buyers with Distinctive Experiences

As the only native multi-channel ABM platform, Terminus delivers engaging digital experiences across all of the digital channels that matter.

  • Proactive display advertising
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Premium audio + video advertising
  • Conversational marketing
  • Email signature marketing
  • Web personalization
Terminus engagement channels

Capture the First Party Data That Matters

Intent data is a great start. But to reach decision makers today, you need more. Terminus offers multi-channel engagement data, behavioral data, predictive data, and more.


The “M” in ABM might mean marketing is leading the charge, but account-based success is a full go-to-market team effort. Terminus empowers sales reps to work smarter with meaningful data and new ways to engage high-value prospects.

Actionable Insights

  • Bring Terminus data into your CRM so you don’t have to log into another platform.
  • Use weekly sales emails to identify the most engaged and surging accounts.
  • Quantify the relationships between your team and revenue opportunities to help forecast pipeline.
Terminus for sales screenshot

Intent Signals

  • Find accounts that are in-market through a combination of firmographic and psychographic data, native to the Terminus platform.
  • Personalize outreach to prospects and strike while the iron is hot.
  • Integrations with G2 and Bombora are available to provide sales reps with even more intent data.
Terminus intent screenshot

See Your Accounts’ Buying Journey

  • Leverage account intelligence for prioritization, personalization, and coordination.
  • See the full picture of how your accounts are engaging with your brand.
  • Visualize an account’s unique buying journey with a timeline mapping marketing and sales touchpoints and engagement.
Terminus for sales screenshot