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Gmail Signature Template

Many single users, small companies, and even big corporations today are using Gmail as their email service. And whether you’re representing yourself or your company, a major component within each message sent out of Gmail is the email signature. Why? It’s one of the most viewed areas of an email and could make a positive or negative impression on your email audience. That’s why you’re probably reading this as you search for Gmail signature template ideas and advice. You have come to the right spot! Sigstr offers best practices, resources, and examples for a Gmail signature design.

In addition to the contact information (we’ll call this the “business card portion” of a professional Gmail signature), many professional Gmail signature examples include an image, banner, or call-to-action. When thinking about how to insert image in email signature in Gmail, there are many ways to go about it. The most efficient way? Investing in email signature software. With a platform like Sigstr, not only can Marketers add a Gmail signature image across all company email signatures with a click of a button, they can also dynamically update it to something that is most relevant to the email recipient.

If you’re also wondering how to add signature in Gmail with logo, Sigstr can help there too. When building a professional signature for Gmail, use a template that works well with an ideal Gmail signature image size. In addition to size, use software to automatically update the images. This is possible with a Gmail HTML signature, 2019 being a perfect example of how quickly this has become a trend for Marketers. Dynamic, HTML content within email signatures now makes employee email a legitimate Marketing channel.

Email Signature Design

After determining which approach works best for your brand or company, it’s time to think about the email signature design. What should or should not be included in the design? Let’s first start with the email signature size. We recommend six lines of text or less for the business card portion of the email signature. With avatars and headshots, shoot for one hundred pixels wide by one hundred pixels tall. Balanced dimensions work best (the same height and width). Twenty pixels wide and tall is standard for social media icons. And just like banner ads you see in other channels, email signature banners also come in many shapes and sizes. After analyzing over a thousand banners across our four hundred plus customers, the Sigstr research team found that wider and shorter banners were preferred (versus tall and narrow). Sigstr customers use banners that average around three hundred and eighty-three pixels wide and one hundred and two pixels tall.

Another element of the email signature design is the highly debated email signature quotes. Should you include them? Should you not. When are they appropriate to use? When the email sender represents a company or something bigger than their personal brand, we advise against email signature quotes. To put it simply, email signature quotes could cause more of a negative brand impression on your email audience rather than a positive one.

Gmail Email Signature

Along with the template and design, it’s important to consider how to scale your Gmail email signature strategy. Sure, it may be easy to build one email signature for your own email account, but how can you be consistent with the same email signature across your entire company? Teams today use Sigstr to build a Gmail signature HTML template that can be applied to all team members. If you want to see an example of a Gmail HTML signature, 2018 has many to offer! Check out Sigstr’s September Issue for fifty of the best examples out there. If you’re more interested in how to create HTML signature Gmail options for your team, Sigstr has plenty of resources for that too!

As you’re evaluating solutions for professional Gmail signature templates, it’s important to consider using a responsive email signature template. In addition to brand consistency across all employees, it’s crucial that your email signature stays consistent across all platforms and email providers. Is your current Gmail HTML signature not working on certain devices? Check and see if the template is responsive. If you’re wondering how to add signature in Gmail app or how to create digital signature in HTML, Sigstr’s Knowledge Base can walk you through it step by step. And if you need to know how to create professional email signature in Gmail, we also offer a free demo walk-through in our application.

Best Email Signatures Examples

Here at Sigstr, we want to be as helpful as we can be with all subjects related to email. This obviously includes email signatures, and we’ve compiled the best email signatures examples in our many different resources. Whether you’re looking for cool HTML signatures or just a professional mobile email signature, Sigstr’s September Issue and 36 Creative Use Cases ebooks include both!

For the September Issue, we selected fifty of the best email signature examples we could find across hundreds of customers and thousands of email signature banners. We compiled and presented them in this lookbook that shares a little more about the design, what works best, and how you can apply it to your company’s email signatures. If you’re in search of a “show and tell” resource that shows the best email signatures 2018 had to offer, this ebook is for you! On the other side, our “36 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing” resource covers the email signature design and much much more. Our research team evaluated thousands upon thousands of banners and compiled the most interesting trends, data, and promotion ideas. From content to events to recruitment, the best Marketing teams today are using email banner ads to promote many different initiatives.

Personal Email Signature

What’s the difference between a personal email signature and an email signature representing a corporation or company? With personal email signature templates, the focus is on you, the sender, as it represents your personal brand. So although your personal contact information may look the same with each approach, the call-to-action banner, logo, and social media links can all be related to you as an individual. Unlike an email signature for personal account reasons, a corporate email signature includes links and CTAs that point to the company. This includes the company’s website, content, an event hosted by the company, or recruitment.

Personal email signature guidelines are also very similar to company email signatures. We recommend including your first and last name, current role (or status such as “seeking new opportunities”), contract information, and a few social media links. Six lines of text should be your max, along with two or three different text colors. As for a font, use something that is easy to read (avoid Comic Sans). Including an avatar or professional headshot also makes sense to include! Just make sure the resolution is high quality. Above all else, having a personal email signature is much better than not having one. So although it may not be perfect, at least creating a personal email signature is a great starting point to effectively representing yourself in every email sent. Leaving this area of an email blank would not be ideal. Plus, managing a personal email signature is much easier because it’s just for one account. That’s why we recommend using a free tool instead of spending money on software.

Free Email Signature Templates

There are many free tools and generators to use if you’re creating just one email signature for your personal brand. Amongst all of the free email signature templates, here are our favorites:

  • Exclaimer free email signature generator
  • HubSpot’s Gmail signature generator
  • WiseStamp’s free email signature templates for Gmail

For personal email signature templates, free is the best option to use. Why? Email signature software, like Sigstr, is designed to manage hundreds upon thousands of email signatures for enterprise companies. It doesn’t necessarily make sense for one person to spend money on all of this functionality if they just need to manage one email signature. Of course a professional Gmail signature free option won’t include HTML email signature code, which allows email senders to dynamically update their signature without manually editing items in their email signature settings. Before using a free generator and actually creating an email signature, thinking about the design first could be a great place to start! Email signature templates free download options are available. And for those who use Photoshop, email signature templates psd free download resources are also out there!

If you’re simply just looking for email banner templates, free of charge, Sigstr has hundreds of banner ads we’d be happy to share. Text, calls-to-action, images, illustrations, and even colors! There are many ways to mix, match, and piece together an email banner template that works best for you.

Email Signature Template Outlook

In addition to Gmail, those using Outlook can also experience the benefits of standardized email signatures and banner ads. Teams today use software, like Sigstr, to directly integrate their employee data and email signature template into Outlook. Just like a Gmail email signature template, Outlook templates can be built and managed in Sigstr. If you’re looking for a long list of create email signature template Outlook options, you’ll find a limited amount right within Outlook. For a template that includes a headshot, company logo, social media icons, or a call-to-action banner, it’s best to use email signature software that integrates with Outlook.

For those looking to simply add a basic email signature right within Outlook, follow this step-by-step guide below:

  1. Log into Outlook
  2. Then find and click on “Settings” (at the top of the page)
  3. Click “View all Outlook settings”
  4. Select “Mail” and then “Compose and reply”
  5. Scroll and find “Email signature”
  6. Add your information (we recommend at least your first name, last name, and phone number)
  7. Click “Save”

As you can see, this is a simple process for one person to complete. However, it’s very difficult to ask hundreds of employees within your company to complete this process and ensure 100% adoption. Even for those who do participate, there’s a chance they skip a step or don’t exactly follow the proposed guidelines.

Mac Mail Signature HTML

For those using Mac Mail, you can still seamlessly integrate Mac Mail signature HTML with Sigstr. Once your company is ready to roll out Sigstr to all employees, the end user with receive a welcome email with the option to add their Apple Mail signature template. They will be asked to set a password and then directed to the install options screen. After following a few simple installation instructions, the employee simply copies the signature (which may include a Mac Mail signature image) so it’s ready to be pasted into their email signature settings. After opening up their Mac Mail application, they will need to open “Preferences” from the menu bar and then click on “Signatures” from the options in settings. The user can then click on the plus button and appropriately name their new signature. After pasting in the content they copied from Sigstr, they need to make sure the box that reads “Always match my default message font” is unchecked. The final step is to choose the new signature as their default email signature for their business account and they’re all set!

In addition to the process above, Sigstr can also help import Gmail signature to Apple Mail. And if you’re simply just looking for free email signature templates for Mac Mail, Sigstr can help there too! Whether it’s Gmail, Mac Mail, Outlook, or any other email provider, Sigstr makes it easy to automate and scale email signatures across your whole company.