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Outlook Signature

Do you use Outlook every day to send emails to coworkers, customers, stakeholders, and other business contacts? If so, you’ve also probably thought about your Outlook signature. Why is the email signature so important in email interactions? It represents your personal or company brand! For some, this is a positive brand impression with their most important audience. For others, it could be a negative brand impression.

First, let’s start with the basics. Where is the typical Outlook signature location? Simply put, at the end or bottom of an email. In addition to the location of an email signature within the email, you also may be curious about the location of your Outlook signature settings. Outlook signature location Mac settings may be in a different area than an Outlook 2013 signature location, for example. One cannot simply change Outlook signature location settings, they just have to know where it is depending on their email system and computer. “Where are Outlook signatures stored Windows 10?” is another popular question we hear. The Outlook 2013 signature location Windows 10 version can be found following a path like this:

e.g. C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures

Whether you’re working with an Outlook online signature, Outlook Mac signature, or even Office 365 Outlook signature, it’s important to first build an Outlook signature template that works across all email systems and devices. Using software like Sigstr allows the Brand or Marketing team to control a certain Outlook signature field so it can or cannot be customized by employees. For example, the company tagline should be locked and not changed by the employee. However, if they want to go by “Mike” instead or “Michael”, Sigstr gives them the ability to edit that particular field within their Outlook signature.

Why are all of these details so important? Because your most important audience (those you email every day) pay special attention to this area of an email. So use it to your advantage! And turn the millions of emails you and your employees send every year into your new favorite advertising channel. We’ll not only show you how to effectively build and add your Outlook signature, but we’ll also share examples of how teams today use Outlook signatures to promote their most important initiatives.


How to Add Signature in Outlook 365

Before actually using your shiny new Outlook signature in every email sent by your team, you’ll first need to know how to add signature in Outlook 365! The step-by-step instructions below can answer any of these variations:

  • How to add signature in Outlook 2010?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2013?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2013 Windows 10?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2016?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2017?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2018?

Step 1: Log into your Outlook account

Step 2: Find and click “Settings” (located at the top of the page)

Step 3: Find and click “View all Outlook settings”

Step 4: Find and click “Mail” and “Compose and reply”

Step 5: Find “Email signature” by scrolling down

Step 6: Add your contact information

Step 7: Click “Save”

Of course this simple process is easy for one person to complete. For hundreds of employees, however, this becomes a challenge. Notice in the bulleted list above we did not include “How to add signature in Outlook 2013 automatically,” and that’s because you will need email signature software to make this happen. Are you asking yourself any of these questions about Office 365 or Hotmail?

  • How to add signature in Office 365 Outlook email?
  • How to add signature in Office 365 online?
  • How to add signature in Outlook 365 desktop?
  • How to add signature in Hotmail Outlook?
  • How do you create a signature in Outlook Office 365?

Sigstr can cover all of these challenges and more! All of your employees can have beautifully branded email signatures customized with their correct contact information. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: When ready to launch Sigstr, employees will receive a welcome email to get started.

Step 2: Employees then need to click “Get Started” and update their password.

Step 3: Navigate to Outlook Web Access and copy the Outlook signature coding.

Step 4: Sign into their Outlook Web Access.

Step 5: On the navigation bar, choose Outlook (or find the Office 365 Access Launcher Icon and click on that).

Step 6: On the navigation bar, choose “Settings” and then “Options”.

Step 7: Click “Settings” and then “Mail” (or “Mail” to “Layout” to “Email signature”).

Step 8: In the email signature text box, paste their Sigstr signature.

Step 9: Click “Save”

Best Email Signature Examples

After learning the basics of locating your Outlook signature settings and knowing how to add a new signature (or edit an existing one), it’s time to think about the design of your email signature. What’s the best place to start? Usually teams find some inspiration by browsing through the best email signatures examples. Sigstr is the number one source for email signature examples, designs, trends, and best practices. We have developed numerous resources that include hundreds of the very best email signature examples out there.

Thirty-Six Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing

Sigstr customers are doing so many wildly creative things with employee email as a new advertising channel that we decided to tally up the total amount of different use cases. Not only did we list out all thirty-six ways of using email banner ads, we also included a best-in-class example for each! If you’re looking for all of the different ways to use an Office 365 email signature image to promote content, events, announcements, and more, this is the resource for you.

September Issue of Email Signature Marketing

If you’re looking for different design ideas and sources of inspiration for your future email banner ads (and not necessarily the “business card” portion of the email signature), check out this resource. The Sigstr team compiled fifty of the very best email signature banners and put a spotlight on the designers and teams behind each of these ads. This ebook includes big brand names and shows how they use this channel to display their banner ads (just like any other advertising channel). Did we mention that this resource has won multiple B2B content awards?

The State of Email Signature Marketing

The Sigstr research team analyzed over a thousand email signature banners and compiled interesting trends and data points that make up this nerdy ebook. It covers different color combinations, use cases, call-to-action styles, and design elements found in a typical email signature or responsive email signature template today. It also reveals which trends are most popular and most effective. For example, blue is the most common prominent banner color, but purple is the most effective (in terms of average click-through-rate). Get fun facts like this and more in this comprehensive report.

Free Email Signature Templates for Gmail

Not using Outlook? No problem! There are free email signature templates for Gmail available that work great for single users and small teams. If you’re in search of personal email signature templates that can boost your personal brand, we can certainly point you in the right direction. Here are a few of our favorite free email signature generators for Gmail users:

  • Drift
  • HubSpot
  • WiseStamp

There’s a big difference between creating and managing an email signature for one person versus multiple employees across an entire organization. If you just need one, we recommend a free option! If you need more than one email signature for tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees, we recommend investing in email signature software (like Sigstr).

No matter which option you choose, a good place to start is with the design and template. Try searching for an email signature templates free download and start playing around with different designs. This is the perfect way to sort through your priority list of email signature elements. You can’t include everything, so use a free template to determine what’s most important to you. Social media icons? A professional headshot? A call-to-action banner? There are more decisions than one might realize when crafting up the perfect email signature. Before buying software or spending time building your email signature template, know your blueprint first!

Office 365 Signature Management

After locating your Outlook signature, knowing how to add a new one (or edit an existing one), and collecting free resources to help with the design, it’s time to think about Office 365 signature management for your entire company or organization. Using software like Sigstr can help teams manage multiple signatures in Outlook 365 or build a standardized Office 365 email signature template. It can also help solve any of these issues:

  • Outlook 2013 signature not working
  • Outlook 2013 signature freezes
  • Outlook 2016 signature not working

Office 365 Outlook signature management is much more than solving these issues, however. It also allows teams to consistently represent the company’s brand, in a positive way, with every email sent. By managing company email signatures with software, users are able to automatically update certain elements of the email signature template without any action from the end user. This is all possible with Office 365 email signature HTML code that can update by the sender or the recipient. Even with users using Mac Mail, Sigstr can work seamlessly with an Apple Mail signature template. In addition to the input (with employee data and create email signature template Outlook features), Sigstr can also help users with the output of any email signature data. Are you currently wondering, “How do I export my signature in Outlook 2016?” Sigstr can help with that! Need other ways to export signatures? Outlook 2016 Mac users, for example, can use Sigstr for that too!

Whether it be something general like banner ad designs, or something very specific like Outlook 2016 signature file location Windows 10 issues, Sigstr can help with your Outlook signature needs and more!

Outlook Signature Management

Email is still the primary method of both B2B and B2C communication. Despite this, many don’t really think about their email signature design. An Outlook signature is intended to do a few things: identify you, proffer your contact information, and extend the branding of the company. A good HTML email signature code can do things such as provide limited time offers and deals, highlight the company’s motto and branding, or even customize itself based on the customer being messaged.

There are many free tools that you can use to create an email signature, such as the HubSpot email signature generator, email signature templates free download sites, and personal email signature templates downloads. But the best email signature generator is going to be a paid or proprietary platform such as Terminus. With a platform like Terminus, a company can control all of its employees’ Outlook signatures from a singular location. There will be no concerns about an Outlook 2016 signature not working in 2021 or about updating the signatures for an entire division. Instead, the company will be able to update the Outlook signature template for all users at once.

When technology and automation is involved, very clever things can be done with an email signature design. An email ad banner can be loaded highlighting a product that a customer looked at, or ad banners can be updated based on current promotions and deals. All this ties into account-based marketing and custom marketing products; it makes it easier to target users through email just as effectively as through paid advertising or social media.

But first it’s important to understand what makes the best email signature generator and what advantages there are to having a custom email signature.

Outlook Signature Template

Most organizations today use either Gmail or Outlook for their corporate emails. There are pros and cons to each. There will be differences in an Outlook signature template and free email signature templates for Gmail. You won’t be able to use them interchangeably. Both of them use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors which produce HTML code that’s inserted into the email. But certain things are supported in one and not the other. Outlook signature templates can work seamlessly with platforms such as Terminus and be updated on-the-fly, while it’s more likely you will need to manually edit Gmail organizational footers. Account-based marketing platforms can edit the Outlook signature file of every employee and keep things consistent.

When working in a Windows ecosystem, you will see Outlook, Office 365, and so forth. If you’re not in Windows, you could instead be looking at Outlook for Mac. You should be aware that Outlook is part of Office 365 and Office 365 refers to the entire suite. Your Outlook 365 signature location may differ from an on-premise installation and your mobile signature could potentially differ from your on-premise one (if, for instance, you have a “sent from iPhone” signature attached). The Outlook mobile app signature image and Outlook web app signature image may need to be defined separately for this reason.

An Outlook signature template will form the basis for how employees manage their Outlook signature. But each will need to insert their own credentials, such as their name, position, department, and contact information. Employees will need to know how to update and edit that template to the best effect and how to personalize it, too. For some companies, that includes a custom quote, or something important about themselves. For other companies, it includes a headshot as well as biographical information, for a more personal touch. Either way, the signature template is critical for branding because it provides for superior consistency amongst all employees. It also ensures that employees don’t retain outdated or erroneous information in their signatures.

Because most people don’t see their email signatures when they send emails, it’s something that can be easily overlooked. But ABM solutions can help businesses personalize their content more effectively.

Signature In Outlook 365

Let’s take a look at how you would add or edit a signature in Outlook 365. How to add signature in Outlook 365 isn’t that difficult, but there are a lot of variations. You might need to know how to add signature in Office 365 Outlook email 2019, 2021, or even 2014. Luckily, it’s all going to be pretty similar.

First, let’s take a look at how to add signature in Outlook 365 Desktop App. This is going to be roughly the same as how to add signature in Outlook 2010, how to add signature in Outlook 2013, how to add signature in Outlook 2016, or how to add signature in Outlook 2019. It hasn’t changed by year much, just by platform; how to add signature in Outlook web app (the cloud) is different.

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Go to “Mail” and then “Compose and Reply.”
  • Under “Email Signature,” type and format your signature.

Now, what about how to add signature in Outlook mobile app? Famously, Office 365 is a cloud-based solution. When you look into how to change signature in Outlook Windows 10 or how to add signature in Outlook app Windows 10, it actually won’t be different from any other version as long as it’s on the cloud. It’s only different from how to add signature in Outlook desktop app.

  • Click on the Settings gear menu and select “Options.”
  • Under Mail and Layout, select “Email Signature.”
  • Enter your desired signature, with appropriate formatting, into the box.

Next, there are the mobile devices. You might need to know how to add signature in Outlook app iPhone rather than how to add signature in Outlook app on computer environments.

  • Open the Outlook app.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Under mail, select “Signature.”
  • Erase the existing signature and add a new one.

Finally, you might need to know how to add signature in Outlook 365 on Mac or how to add signature in Outlook app on Mac. Again, it will be the same if it’s the cloud-based environment, but will change if it’s on-premise.

  • Create a new email.
  • Under “Signature,” select “Signatures.”
  • Select “+” and add a new signature.
  • Type your signature the way you want to see it.

You might run into situations such as how to add signature in Outlook 2010 not working. Or you might have specific interests such as how to add signature in Outlook 2010 with logo. You can search for examples such as how to create and add an email signature in Outlook on the web or where to find the Outlook signature folder Windows 10.

How To Edit Signature In Outlook 365

Editing a signature in Office 365 is essentially the same process as creating one. When you want to know how to edit signature in Office 365, you’ll go through the exact same steps. This is because a signature already exists by default, it may just be blank. How to change signature in Outlook 365 email and how to edit signature in Outlook 365 online will be roughly the same process: Go to Outlook, select the settings, go to either “signature” or “compose and reply,” and type in the signature box. You will delete anything already in the signature box to replace it or you can even create a different signature and store your old one. This also applies to how to change signature in outlook 365 webmail.

You might also need to know how to export signatures in Outlook, which will also be in the same area as how to change signature in Outlook 2020 or how to add signature in Outlook Mac 2019. You just need to get to the signature section of the app under settings first. How to change Outlook signature Mac or iPhone, or how to find Outlook signature file, is the same; you go to the settings first. You can also get an Outlook signature file extension to help manage your signatures or you can use a platform, like Terminus, to handle it for you.

You may want to regularly edit your signature to account for new promotions and deals, or you may need to change your signature purely when your contact information or company information changes. But a platform like Terminus can help you update your signature quickly, so you don’t need to worry about multiple accounts and platforms, and you don’t need to worry about how to add signature in Outlook app for every single employee.

Outlook For Mac

As Outlook and Office 365 are Windows products, it may be funny to know that many use Outlook for Mac. But Outlook is such a ubiquitous technology that it’s not surprising.

The Outlook signature Mac works the same as the Outlook signature Windows. Additionally, if you’re using the web app, it will be identical. You’ll be able to update your Outlook Mac signature HTML or export Outlook signature Mac the exact same way you would do on a Windows product.

If you’re using a native app or on-premise map on Mac or iPhone, it may be a little different. But you will still find all your settings under the Outlook app and be able to edit your Outlook signature directly.

Once you know the settings Outlook signature location Mac, it’s easy enough to edit and format your signature using the tools provided. You could encounter an Outlook Mac signature image problem if you aren’t using hosted images (which you should be doing; it’s easier than trying to send images through the email). You may also need to look into where are Outlook signatures stored on Mac if you want to export them, directly edit them, or edit them in a platform.

Either way, it’s important that your Outlook Mac signatures be updated periodically to make sure they are still accurate and on brand. As companies evolve, the information that should be presented in the Outlook signature may change.