How to Change Signature in Outlook: 36 Examples

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How to Change Signature in Outlook

To change your email signature in Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Outlook email account
  • Click on “Settings” (top of the page) and select “View all Outlook settings”
  • Click “Mail” and then “Compose and reply”
  • Under the “Email signature” section, edit (or add) your email signature information with your desired format
  • Click “Save” and you’re all set!

The steps above can serve as a general “How To: Change Signature in Outlook” guide for most, depending on which device and version of Outlook you are using. Microsoft Outlook has been around as early as 1992, so there have been many versions released throughout the years. Depending on the version and year, you may be needing information on any of the following:

  • How to add signature in Outlook 2007
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2007
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2010
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2013
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2013 automatically
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2016
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2017
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2017
  • How to add signature in Outlook 2018
  • How to change signature in Outlook 2018

Sigstr can help with any of the above! And beyond the simple steps you see up top, adding and managing email signature in Outlook can quickly become complicated because of the different years, versions, devices, and user preferences. Sigstr seamlessly integrates with Outlook so teams can manage company-wide email signatures (for every employee) from one single location. Sigstr customers who use Outlook have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Implementation Manager that ensure this is a smooth process for the Marketing team and end users. Sigstr even specializes in Outlook 365, covering all of these topics:

  • How to change signature in Outlook 365
  • How to add signature in Office 365 Outlook email
  • How to add signature in Office 365 online
  • How to add signature in Outlook 365 desktop
  • How to change signature in Outlook 365 online

Sigstr exists to streamline the email signature management process across all different technologies and platforms. The platform even helps with automating this process so end users (individual employees) don’t have to do a single thing. Sigstr’s Help Center covers all of this and more, including these FAQs:

  • How do I make my signature automatic in Outlook?
  • How to change signature in Hotmail?
  • How to change signature in Outlook Mac?
  • Is creating email signature in Outlook for Mac difficult?
  • Should I know how to create signature block in Outlook for Mac?

Email can be tricky sometimes, and email signature management isn’t something Marketing or Brand teams want to spend a lot of time messing with. Sigstr can help make the implementation process and ongoing management super easy! And it can even turn your employees’ email volume into a new marketing or advertising channel. What do you exactly mean by that? Think about the thousands (or millions for some companies) of emails you and your employees send every year. Each and every one of these emails is an opportunity to market your most important initiatives. Because you have the reader’s attention in the clean white space of an email (unlike the noisy world of web ads), employee email can become the perfect channel for your already existing advertising strategy.

Outlook Signature Template

Within a standard Outlook signature template, there are two components. The first is referred to as the “business card” section, which can include any of the following:

  • Employee first and last name
  • Employee title or role within the company
  • Employee contract information, like a phone number or email address
  • Company name, URL, or logo
  • Social media links or icons

The second component is a call-to-action banner, which basically serves as an “ad” in each employee’s Office 365 email signature template. This banner is a highly intelligent Office 365 email signature image that dynamically updates based on the sender or recipient of the email. This is possible because it’s actually Office 365 email signature HTML code. And because it’s code, and not actually an embedded image, it doesn’t add any weight to the email and won’t be flagged for spam.

For those using a Mac instead of a PC, these banners can work the same way for your Outlook Mac signature. HTML code will allow it to be dynamic, lightweight, and visually appealing in each of every email sent by your employees. Three years ago, an Outlook 2016 Mac signature may have looked different than email signatures of users who use a PC. But now with email signature software like Sigstr, users can rest easy knowing their Outlook Mac signature formatting will match the appearance of every other employee’s signature in the company. For those who need to know how to change font in Outlook signature Mac settings, Sigstr’s email signature builder can take care of that for you.

In addition to making things easier on the technical side, Sigstr’s team and library of resources can help show your team how to use these banner ads for different use cases and purposes. This comprehensive guide shows examples and design ideas that cover any of the following marketing initiatives:

  • Event marketing (conferences, trade shows, happy hours, or webinars)
  • Content marketing (ebooks, white papers, reports, case studies, or video)
  • Product news (releases, features, or free trials)
  • Company branding (news articles, announcements, website, or recruitment)

It even shares which colors and design elements work best in email banners. Recommendations on size (in pixels), call-to-action text, and dimensions are also included in this ebook.

Gmail Signature Image

Just like Outlook, Gmail is a popular email service provider many teams (and individual users) utilize today. In addition to a Gmail signature image, which is what we’ll focus on heavily in this section, there are many other components that make up a professional Gmail signature. A company’s Gmail signature design can leave a positive brand impression on your most important audience and those who you email most. Eye-catching images, like a banner, company logo, or employee headshot, can be “wow” factors that impress your email audience. Before we mention the benefits of using software to manage company Gmail signatures, those looking to simply change email signature Gmail settings can follow these steps:

  1. Log into Gmail and open up your inbox
  2. Search for a “gear” icon in the top right area and click on that
  3. Click on “settings”
  4. Click in the signature editor box (you may need to scroll down a bit to get there)
  5. Utilize the different Gmail formatting options when adding in your desired email signature information
  6. Click “save” at the bottom and you’re all set!

For those managing multiple employee email signatures where the steps below are difficult to scale across the entire company, consider using software like Sigstr. Sigstr’s Help Center covers all of these Gmail FAQs (and more):

  • How to add signature in Gmail with logo?
  • How to insert image in email signature in Gmail?
  • How to insert signature in Gmail reply?
  • How to add signature in Gmail app?

Email signature software helps users work through technical requirements and answer specific questions like what you see above. However, if you’re a small team or just need one email signature, a cheaper option would be to use a Gmail signature generator. Free generators may not offer certain features or HTML code like Sigstr can, but it can help you format a simple email signature and doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s important to consider what’s best for your business or personal brand, depending on how you want to use the employee email channel and how automated you want to make it for your users. No matter which option you choose, Sigstr is always here as a resource.

Office 365 Signature Management

Beyond designing and implementing company email signatures, ongoing maintenance and Office 365 signature management is just as important! This includes things like:

  • Adding email signatures for new employees
  • Removing email signatures for employees no longer with the company
  • Updating company information (such as an address or phone number change)
  • Promoting timely marketing messages, like an upcoming event or holiday

Rather than asking each individual employee or user to update his or her email signature (and then hoping they actually listen and do it right), Sigstr allows teams to automate these updates with one click of a button. The platform can integrate with any system that manages employee information, so it can sync directly to each user’s email signature.

Aside from the application and features, Sigstr’s team can also make your life easier with Outlook or Gmail. The Customer Success and Support team provide ongoing support that can help solve any of these issues (and more):

  • Outlook 2013 signature not working
  • Outlook 2013 signature freezes
  • Outlook 2013 signature location
  • Outlook 2010 signature not opening
  • Managing multiple signatures in Outlook 365
  • Unable to find the Outlook for Mac signature location
  • Outlook Mac signature image problem

Sigstr’s service is here to address any questions or issues, from the beginning stages before implementation all the way to renewal and ongoing customer education. It’s something our team takes seriously as we love serving our customers and making them successful. Here are a few direct quotes from users on Sigstr’s level of service:

  • “The customer support team at Sigstr is by far the best. They are friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I rarely have an issue, but when I do, I know the team will quickly resolve the problem.”
  • “The service has been great, customer service has been top notch, and Sigstr has lived up to its billing.”
  • “When we do need support, the response time is incredible and everyone we’ve worked with has been very knowledgeable and helpful.”
  • “Our Customer Success Manager is incredible and constantly goes above and beyond. She is always willing to help and make suggestions when we need them. Their support team is incredibly responsive as well.”