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Looking for email signature software? Exclaimer is a good option to consider! According to their website, the Exclaimer signature manager is catered towards Office 365 users and G Suite users. An advanced email auto response system, anti-spam, and email image analysis technology is also a part of the Exclaimer products lineup. Aside from product information, Exclaimer support, the Exclaimer Partner Portal, and Exclaimer download options can all be found on their website.

A cloud-based solution for email signature management is also important to consider. The Exclaimer cloud offers certain features like the Exclaimer cloud signature update agent. Or, for certain customers, the Exclaimer cloud signature update agent download might make more sense. Cloud-based platforms, like this one, also allow multiple users to log in and make updates if needed. The Exclaimer cloud log can help manage who is logging in, making edits, and launching new campaigns.

Of course features and functionality within a tool like this comes with a cost. If you’re just managing your own personal brand or manage email signatures for a small team, a free email signature generator might make more sense. In order to effectively compare pros, cons, and all of your available options, check out Exclaimer pricing on one of their brochures or Exclaimer online pricing on their website. When seeing these price points, be sure to read into the details. You’ll find that different prices and packages offer more than just an Exclaimer signature.

  • Is Exclaimer signature manager support a part of the package I want?
  • Is there an Exclaimer non profit pricing option?
  • Without support and services, what is the basic Exclaimer signature price point?
  • Can I review and edit the Exclaimer EULA (end user license agreement) before officially signing a contract?

These are all necessary questions you and your team should be asking before signing a contract to sign into Exclaimer. Have a question about Exclaimer NFR (not for resale)? Be sure to ask about that too if you have any questions before signing. If they offer a free trial and you see an “Exclaimer 2702” message, try the Exclaimer signature manager download. FAQs, pricing, and a free trial experience (if available) are all important steps to take when making your buying decision.

Aside from using an Exclaimer signature, there are of course other tools and platforms that compare to Exclaimer. Disclaimer: we’ll discuss a few of these options in detail further down on this page (Exclaimer vs Symprex for example). Until then, this section can help provide a true Exclaimer definition so you have some background. It’s not as simple as just finding the Exclaimer signature log in, there is much more to consider with tools and technologies today. That being said, it’s still important to know the tactical details of the platform (like finding the Exclaimer signature login).

Disclaimer Definition

Often times, especially with law firms, you might find a disclaimer at the end of an email signature. According to Google Dictionary, here is the official disclaimer definition:

“A statement that denies something, especially responsibility.”

How does that relate to email signatures? It could translate to the email sender basically saying, “This email message is intended for the specific recipient included on this email. It includes content, thoughts, and views from the sender, which cannot be held against the company that the sender is associated with.” The exclaimed meaning of an email signature disclaimer can be summarized by this statement, or something closely related to it.

After analyzing thousands of email signature templates built and used by today’s top marketing teams, we have found that disclaimers are not as common as they once were. Our recommendation is to include one only if you have to, where email is being used to share sensitive information. Healthcare companies and law firms are perfect examples of this. Unless it is needed for the greater good of the company, including a disclaimer in your email signature just takes up space and distracts the email recipient away from more important things (like contact information and a call-to-action).


As mentioned above, there are several Exclaimer alternatives if you’re interested in comparing features, functionality, and pricing. The website you’re on right now (Sigstr) is one of those other options! Sigstr turns your company’s email signature into an amazing new marketing channel for account-based marketing, event promotion, content distribution, and more. Not only that, included in Sigstr’s platform is also relationship intelligence powered by AI. At Sigstr, we believe your company’s most important relationships (with customers, partners, and prospects) live and grow in the inbox. We have found a way to quantify and operationalize those relationships for unprecedented engagement analytics, sales and marketing alignment, and a whole new way to think about measuring success for revenue teams.

How are we different? We pride ourselves on customer service, ongoing support, and a library of resources that help marketers everywhere get the most out of the high-volume channel of email. From tutorial videos to step-by-step guides, trends reports, heatmaps, and even lookbooks for design inspiration, Sigstr has what you need to get started and sustain success with email signature marketing. Check out our Resource Hub to access it all!


Just like Exclaimer and Sigstr, CodeTwo also offers email signature management services. If you want a direct comparison of Exclaimer vs CodeTwo, this section may help as a starting point. Of course we recommend checking out CodeTwo pricing and accessing the CodeTwo login first (if they offer a free trial). Past that, it’s important to focus on how the solution lines up with your needs, pain points, or goals for this year. Also consider which email system your company uses. It’s worth mentioning that CodeTwo Office 365 features are available for Outlook users.

CodeTwo’s platform breaks into three different categories:

  • CodeTwo email signatures, email flow control, attachments, and autoresponders.
  • Backup and migration tools.
  • Synchronization, sharing, and online collaboration.

CodeTwo is a Microsoft Partner and is based in Poland. They have been developing their platform for twelve years and have an impressive lineup of customers. Be sure to check out their website to learn more on their background and browse their blog posts for resources on Microsoft-specific email topics.


NEWOLDSTAMP is another provider that offers usefull features like a gallery of professionally designed templates, advanced template customization, and an image editor. Departments, banner analytics, and customizable fonts are also a part of the platform.

At this point, you’re realizing that there are many options for email signature marketing. The process could become overwhelming, as you figure out what to compare and where to start your evaluation. We recommend starting at the G2 Crowd category page! Seeing the grid comparison and reading customer reviews from other like-minded marketers will help show pros and cons for each platform. This marketing tactic will be seen by every employee in your company every single day, so it’s important to consider all factors when deciding on a solution. Another step worth taking? Customer reference calls! At Sigstr, we’re more than happy to point you to our most successful customers where a time can be coordinated for you to hear about their experience. They can explain how they use the platform every day, which features they like most, and how it fits into their sales and marketing strategy.

Office 365 Signature Management

For Outlook users, it’s important to know which solution best fits your Office 365 signature management needs. Exclaimer Office 365 setup and Exclaimer Office 365 pricing is laid out on the Exclaimer 365 section of their website. For others, this information is also readily available to read and gather in certain areas of their websites. If you’re looking for free email signature software, Office 365 requirements could potentially make this a challenge (depending on a seamless transfer from the generator to your email signature settings).

As for the Exclaimer signature manager, Office 365 users have found it useful. The Exclaimer Office 365 agent plays a part in this, as does the Exclaimer 365 portal. If you need more details on the Exclaimer Office 365 setup, check out the Exclaimer signature manager exchange edition manual.

The good news for Outlook and Office 365 users is that they have many options to choose from. Other solutions, like Sigstr, also seamlessly integrate with Outlook and Office 365. Black Pearl Mail and Crossware are also included on this list.

Black Pearl Mail

According to their website, Black Pearl Mail customers include logistics firms, real estate and property companies, airlines, professional services firms, communications companies, and banking organizations. Their platform offers G Suite and Office 365 features, and their website showcases template ideas and a free demo.

They recently moved their headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona, and have offices in Wellington, New Zealand and Zurich, Switzerland. As mentioned before, the G2 Crowd “email signature software” category page provides a comparison on Black Pearl Mail versus other platforms. Although they currently have zero customer reviews, they are listed on the category page (but not the grid). Visit their website, find them on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), check out their G Suite Marketplace listing, or browse through the videos on their YouTube page to learn more about them. Between the knowledge base articles, website visuals, blog posts, and FAQs, you should be able to gather enough information on Black Pearl Mail to make an educated decision on if it is the right solution for your email signature needs.

Crossware Mail Signature

The Crossware Mail Signature website states that this email signature solution is for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, and IBM SmartCLoud Notes. If you’d like to directly compare Crowssware vs Exclaimer, we (again) recommend checking out G2 Crowd. Just like Black Pearl Mail, Crossware Mail Signature is technically listed on this category page but has registered zero customer reviews and does not show up on the top grid.

Their product features page states that they specialize in email branding, email disclaimers, email advertising, mobile email signatures, centralized management, and complete creative control. They have over five hundred resellers as a part of their partner program across seventy-three different countries. Notable customers include Olympus, Sharp, and National Geographic. They offer a free thirty day trial, which allows users to access the full version of the platform and receive twenty-four hour support. Although you can’t find any reviews on G2 Crowd, you can access support reviews and product reviews on their website (scroll down to the footer to find the links). Their website also offers a number of different resources, like videos, blog posts, screenshots, and knowledge base articles.