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36 Email Signature Examples for Inspiration

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Email Signature Solutions

Have you ever sent an email with seven or eight steps on how employees can update their email signature to ensure brand consistency? Or, have you been on the receiving end of that email and tried to follow each step before becoming confused or frustrated? Inconsistent branding across all employees and the thousands of emails they send every year has brought on the rise of email signature solutions. Not only can email signature management software help brand or marketing teams solve this pain point, it can also turn employee email (the email you and your employees send out of Gmail or Outlook) into a new marketing or advertising channel. There are new and defined categories on software review sites for email signature software, which includes many different solutions ranging in features, capabilities, and pricing. When evaluating these different solutions, it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the range of email signature pricing and how does it line up with my budget?
  • If I’m using Outlook, should I look for the email signature software Microsoft gold partner option?
  • What is the best email signature software for businesses that have thousands of employees?

In addition to Sigstr, there are many great email signature solutions to consider. WiseStamp, Xink, Exclaimer, ZippySig, the Symprex email signature manager, and CodeTwo are just a few of the many options out there. If you’re evaluating CodeTwo email signatures, be sure to check out a CodeTwo email signatures review on G2 or Capterra. The review, along with CodeTwo’s website, will provide more information on the following topics:

  • CodeTwo login instructions
  • CodeTwo admin panel access
  • CodeTwo download options
  • CodeTwo migration best practices
  • CodeTwo pricing and quotes
  • Where to find the CodeTwo status update
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 add in
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 download options
  • CodeTwo email signatures for Office 365 manage signatures app
  • CodeTwo exchange rules Office 365

As you can see above, there are many factors to consider when choosing which email signature solution to buy. Ease of use, price, and customer service are a few deciding factors you should consider most. For those who are a part of a smaller team with little to no budget, investing in an email signature solution might not be the right option for you. In that case, try testing out free email signature software first! Although limited in features and functionality when compared to software or a platform like Sigstr, free email signature software can still provide value or at least serve as a solid starting point. We suggest trying the HubSpot email signature generator first, as it is easy and fun to use. By the way, did you know HubSpot invested in Sigstr? We have an integration with the HubSpot platform and have been longtime certified partners.

Email Signature Generator

As mentioned above, a great starting point for your email signature marketing strategy could begin with a free tool like an email signature generator. This is a quick and easy way to create one email signature for your own email account or personal brand. However, if you’re looking to manage or build email signatures for your whole company across hundreds or thousands of employees, an email signature generator may not be the best option. Additionally, if you’re looking to gain click metrics and other interesting analytics, a free tool won’t be able to provide this. It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of email signature marketing and how a free tool or features from paid software can best accommodate that.

On the other side, if you’re simply just looking for design or template ideas, an email signature templates free download resource could also be a good starting point. Why start with a design template? Even with free tools or generators, it still takes time to build out the template. And during that process, designers or marketers will have a few decisions to make:

  • How many brand colors do I want to incorporate into the text? (we recommend two or three at most)
  • Do I want to include my company’s logo?
  • Do I want to include an avatar or headshot?
  • Should I include social media icons? If so, which ones?
  • Which contact information should I include or not include? Is name, title, company, and a phone number enough?

Especially with personal email signature templates, free design tools can help you build a strategy around your email signature design before you start building it. Then, once you have a strategy and plan, it will take less time to create your email signature within a free tool or software application.

Best Email Signature Examples

Even before thinking about the template, layout, using a free tool, or buying software, it’s important to know what you like or don’t like with email signature designs. Evaluating the best email signatures examples will help you learn best practices, what to include, what not to include, and what teams do today that work best. We take a lot of pride in providing the best examples for our customers and audience. Here are our top resources free for you to use and review the best email signatures examples:

Sigstr’s September Issue

Overview: with a huge amount of admiration and respect for Vogue and their annual publication of all things fashion and culture, we set out to do the same for email signature banners. This ebook includes the most creative and beautiful designs from teams today using email signature banners. These banners are used to advertise or promote marketing initiatives like new content, an upcoming event, or company news.

36 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature

Overview: Teams everywhere are doing incredibly creative things in the new advertising channel of employee email. We compiled thirty-six different ways marketers today are using their email signatures. This ebook includes thirty-six of the best email signature examples you can’t find anywhere else.

The State of Email Signature Marketing

Overview: This resource also provides many great examples, but focuses primarily on trends and best practices for email signature banners. Which colors perform best? Which use cases achieve the highest engagement rate? What design elements are most common? Get these questions answered and more in this data-driven ebook.

One important point to make is that these beautiful examples would not be possible without HTML email signature code. This allows the email signature to add minimal weight to the email (so you aren’t flagged for spam or so your graphics don’t default to attachments). HTML code also allows email signature banners to dynamically update based on the sender or recipient of the email. This type of functionality is where Sigstr thrives, so be sure to schedule a demo to learn more!

The resources above can also be used for personal email signature templates. What’s the difference between a company template and an email signature for personal account purposes? There is a lot of overlap, but the main difference is one is representing a whole company or organization while the other is representing one person. Personal email signature etiquette is very similar to company etiquette, so use these examples as an inspiration for both sides of the equation.

Office 365 Signature

For those using Outlook to send emails every day, there are some additional factors to consider. Creating an Office 365 signature for the whole company isn’t as easy as it seems. Many brand or marketing teams today use software for Office 365 signature management. Why? Because it allows email signatures to seamlessly deploy (or update) to the entire company. Email signature software for Office 365 allows Outlook users to have a beautiful email signature without any (or minimal) end-user activity. It’s important to have a standardized and brand consistent email signature template Outlook users find useful. In addition to Outlook and O365, Sigstr also directly integrates with Exchange. Email signature management can work with many different platforms and devices depending on which platform you use.

If you’re looking for the best Office 365 signature manager, it will most likely be paid software or a platform subscription. Free email signature software for Office 365 is hard to find, unless you’re willing to use a free generator or tool and create individual signatures for each employee. Similarly, free email signature templates for Gmail are also rare. There are plenty of free design resources and template ideas available, but in terms of building an email signature template that scales across all employees, paying for software is the way to go! That being said, Sigstr is always willing to work with businesses of all sizes and find a package or price that works best based on what;s most important.

Hand Signature Generator Free

Often times an email signature generator or tool might get confused with a hand signature generator. What’s the difference? From the information above, you can see that an email signature generator provides a “business card” element you can copy and paste into your email signature settings within Gmail or Outlook. On the other hand, a hand signature generator can provide a digital version of your handwritten signature. So, in other words, a written version of your first and last name in a digital format. Depending on what you’re looking for in a hand signature generator, free options are available! Most are pretty straight forward and require little to no effort to create.

Why are both email signatures and digital handwritten signatures important? In a busy digital world most of us experience today, it’s also nice to add personal details. Putting a face to a name, personalizing a cover letter, and making a sincere connection with someone with digital communication allows you stand out from the crowd. Techniques and tools like this can help sales or customer services professionals connect with their prospects or customers. It even helps CEOs connect with their employees.

Hopefully these tips and best practices allow you add more personalization to your digital communications. Email signatures and digital signatures are little details that make a big impact. Whether it be for customers, prospects, or employees, use every digital communication to connect on a personalized and human level.