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Email Signature Ideas

Email signatures let you set up a pre-formatted signature that you can easily add to any email, and these signatures can be used for both personal and business use. When trying to come up with email signature ideas, make sure that you understand the differences between a personal and business signature and format the signature accordingly.

Both your professional email signature and your personal email signature should feature your name and contact details, but with a professional signature, you should include your work number and email address while you should include your personal cell number on your personal signature.

You can personalize each of these types of signatures to give recipients a little more information about yourself or your company. A professional email signature should focus on information related to your company such as your business name, logo, website, and social media sites. Beyond those basics, you should use professional email signatures as a marketing tool and try to push sales prospects further down the sales funnel. Ideally, you should customize your signature to appeal to different types of customers based on where they are in their relationship with you or the business. Look at email signature examples to get ideas on where to get started.

Personal email signature etiquette differs a bit. With a personal signature, you should add details that reflect who you are as a person. You may want to include links to your social media accounts — however, you certainly don’t want to include this information on a business email signature. Your business contacts want to learn more about your role in your company. They don’t want to see posts about your pets, children, vacations, or whatever else you share on your personal social media accounts.

You may also want to include personal email signature quotes. These are uplifting or interesting quotes that tell recipients a bit about how you see the world. If you join an online group, for example, adding a signature to your emails can be a great way to let other people in the group know more about you when you respond to email threads. To get ideas on how to make an interesting personal signature, look for personal email signature ideas.

Email Signature Design Template

Now that you understand the main purpose of email signatures and a bit about the differences between personal and professional signatures, you may be wondering how to make an email signature. You can insert a signature into most email services, but these signatures are generally pretty basic and only include text or very simple images.

To add interesting details, complex images, and HTML code, you should use an email signature design template. A personal email signature generator is the ideal tool when you just need to make one or two personal signatures, and these tools can also work for freelancers who want to make a single business signature. You may even be able to handle this process on your phone with a free email signature generator for iPhone.

Even students can utilize these tools to create great looking signatures. To get ideas, you may want to try doing a search for the phrase “email signature” along with your school’s name. For instance, if you went to the University of Central Florida, you may want to search for “UCF student email signature” to get ideas on how to format your signature.

To get started creating a personal email signature 2020 or 2021, look at the generator for email signature design Canva or the tools made by HubSpot or Exclaimer. These sites all offer access to a free email signature maker that can provide everything you need for a personal email signature, a student email signature, or a very small business signature. However, they aren’t the right option if you’re trying to create email signatures for your business.

The best email signature generator for businesses is a tool that lets you create multiple templates that can be customized based on their use and scaled as needed. Terminus offers tools that can help you create a signature that goes far beyond just adding your name and contact details to the end of your email and instead turns every email that leaves your organization into a robust, interactive, and engaging marketing tool.

Free Email Signature Design

Creating high-quality, effective, and scalable signatures for your business is not free, but keep in mind that paying for tools that help you create business email signatures is an investment into your business. Think about all the emails your employees send every day — if every single one of those emails is turned into a marketing tool, you have the chance to nurture leads more effectively, increase conversions, and boost sales.

Although the best email signature design tools cost money, you can find all kinds of free email signature design ideas online. To create creative email signatures, start by looking at examples of professional email signatures and examine what works in those signatures. Here are some of the best email signatures examples to get the ideas rolling.

Note that your name and other vital details are usually featured in the top half of the signature in big, bold print that readers simply cannot miss. The bottom half of classic professional email signature design typically features a banner. Similar to an online ad, the banner is where you do your marketing.

Whether you use HTML email signature design or another type of design language, the banner should feature interesting colors, compelling information, and interactive links. The email signature design size should be set up so that it is responsive to the recipients’ device. This just means that it will look larger on a laptop than on a mobile phone, but in both cases, the recipient will be easily able to see the whole signature on their screen.

Professional email generator tools also help you get more about email signature design ideas. The companies that make these tools often do research on how different design elements affect different conversion rates, and you can use their research to help you decide which colors, fonts, and other design elements to include in your signature.

Email Signature Templates Free Download Word

If you’re looking for an email signature design template, consider searching for templates based on the word processing program or email service you are using. For instance, you may want to search for phrases such as “email signature templates free download Word,” “free email signature templates for Gmail,” “email signature template Outlook” or even shorter phrases like “email signature Outlook.”

Email signature templates can contain images or interesting fonts, but if you’re just looking for a text-based email signature format, here are some free email signature templates to get you started.

Mary Williams
Content and Channel Manager
Company Name
1 (888) 123-4567

John Carter
Senior Associate, Event Marketing
P: (123) 456-7789

Charlie Butler
VP, Marketing
[email protected]
pronouns: he/him/his
123 Street Name, Suite 123, City, State 12345

Susan Harrison
Director of Audience Engagement & Community
[email protected]

To use these personal email signature templates, you can just copy the above signatures, paste them into the signature creation box on your email server, and then, replace elements as needed. You can also check out this email signature templates free download if you prefer to download even more signatures for ideas.

Keep in mind that these text-based signatures are just a starting point. The best email signature templates include a lot more than just text. Depending on your needs, these templates can help you create an email signature using HTML code, and they can be used to create customizable signatures that can be used by everyone in your organization and scaled as needed.

Cut and paste the above templates if you’re trying to create a very basic personal or business signature, but consider looking for more advanced tools if you want to create multiple signatures for your business.

Email Signature Working Remotely Examples

Email signatures need to be updated as things change in your business and personal life. For instance, if you have a quote on your personal signature, you may want to update it as your perspective changes over the years. Similarly, if your business logo changes, you should update your email signature to reflect that.

A big change that affected nearly everyone in the country was when people started working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ideally, you should update your email signature template if this change has affected you. Whether you’re working remotely due to the pandemic or for other reasons, you should adjust your signature accordingly.

The most effective email signature working remotely examples include key details that your clients or other recipients need to know. Consider including your normal hours of being online and your time zone. This information helps clients know when they can reach you, and it reduces the risk of playing phone or email tag and not being able to reach each other.

You may also want to put your cell phone instead of your office phone or your home address instead of your business address in your remote email signature. Make sure that you consult with your employer to ensure that you are sharing the right information, and if you own a company, talk with your remote employees about what contact information you want them to include.

Your COVID-19 working from home email signature may also want to let recipients know more about how COVID has affected your business. For instance, if your business hours have changed, if people need to wear a mask while visiting your facility, or if COVID has changed your business practices in other ways, you can use COVID email banners to communicate this information.

To get more ideas on how to create a corona signature, look for COVID email signature ideas.