Sustainable revenue growth powered by the True ABM Platform

Turn marketing into a growth engine for your business with account-based brand awareness, pipeline generation and acceleration, customer retention and expansion.

B2B Marketing is at an inflection point. It’s more difficult than ever to stand out with buyers. Organizations are now remote-first or hybrid. Long feared data privacy regulations are on the horizon. The game has changed and CMOs are under intense pressure to be more efficient with every marketing dollar.

Changing Foundations of B2B Marketing

In-market buyers are hidden

Decision-makers are harder to reach

Budget is wasted on irrelevant buyers

3P data has a rapidly shrinking shelf life

The inconvenient truth is that lead-focused strategies were built for another era. In fact, less than 1% of marketing qualified leads convert from pipeline to revenue according to Forrester.

The Revenue Impact Gap

The result of these market dynamics is that marketing is facing a revenue impact gap. The status quo – current B2B marketing strategies – is not cutting it. Incremental efforts like adding intent data are great, but they’re not the silver bullet other platforms would have you believe they are.

How do CMOs deliver a sustainable growth advantage, and maintain their seat at the go-to-market leadership table?

Today’s imperative is to maximize the value of ideal customers throughout their lifecycle with account-based brand awareness, pipeline generation, pipeline acceleration, customer retention, and expansion.

Drive More Value at Every Stage of the Revenue Flywheel

Traditional marketing playbooks aren’t working anymore. Lead generation and pipe creation aren’t enough. The only way to revitalize the role of marketing as a revenue engine is to engage target accounts across the entire customer lifecycle.

No more vanity metrics like form fills and lead volume. And no more wasting spend on the wrong buyers. Marketing teams now MUST focus on real business impact – a sustainable growth advantage throughout the revenue flywheel.

Turn Your Marketing Into a Revenue Growth Engine

Build Brand Awareness

Identify and target your ideal customer profile and connect with engaged accounts.

Build Pipeline

Power your pipeline growth with pre-opportunity nurture, retargeting via web and email, and reconnecting with closed-lost accounts

Accelerate Pipeline

Speed pipeline to close with deal-state nurture and one-to-one account campaigns targeting your decision makers.

Retain Existing Accounts

Use data to build proactive retention strategies to identify competitive intent, share product updates and engage customers with targeted events.

Expand Existing Accounts

Find new ways to upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers by delivering measurable business outcomes.

Ready to Build a Sustainable Revenue Engine?

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The Industry's Only True ABM Platform

To engage target accounts across the entire lifecycle, you need a TRUE ABM Platform, rooted in first party data, to surround buyers with engaging digital experiences – a complete growth engine from acquisition, expansion, upsell, to renewal.

What makes Terminus the True ABM Platform:

  • Account centric and built around targeted accounts. Activated across the entire GTM team and Revenue Flywheel.
  • Fueled by richer data with a customer data platform (CDP), multi-sourced first party data that compounds in value, and universal identity.
  • Self-enriching modern advertising with precise digital ad power, retargeting, targeted display, LinkedIn, and differentiated inventory.

  • Multi-channel experiences that surround your targets wherever they are with personalized, contextual human experiences at every touch point.
  • Multiple buying signals: go beyond intent, multi-channel engagement data, behavioral, predictive, events, and more.
  • Platform you can scale with: progressive modernization, grow at your own pace with trusted expertise at every step.

The ABM Buyer's Guide

We know that evaluating ABM platforms can be overwhelming for marketers. As marketers ourselves, we get it. To help get you started, we’ve put together this ABM Buyer’s Guide to help you not only create a killer RFP, but also show what to look for and which questions to ask on the front end.