What is Email Signature Marketing?

Note: this blog post was updated on May 17, 2021.

We’re glad you asked! It’s time to turn every email your employees send into a targeted marketing campaign.

Email signature marketing definition: Email signature marketing allows you to standardize your company’s email signature template across the entire organization, while managing and controlling it centrally from a platform like Terminus. Not only that, it also opens up employee email as a new channel for advertising, account-based marketing, or brand awareness. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more.

Email Signature Marketing for Account-Based Marketing

Because Sigstr recognizes the sender and recipient of each email sent by your team, you can place personalized and dynamic email signatures banners in front of your most important accounts.

Promote Events with Email Signature Marketing

Event marketers everywhere are using Sigstr to increase registrations and attendance with field events, trades hows, webinars, and more. Use every email sent by your employees as an opportunity to drive registrations. More resources related to event marketers can be found by clicking on the CTA above.

Support Sales

Align email signature marketing campaigns to every step of your buyer’s journey. Control the content you want to promote in each and every email your sales team sends to your most important prospects and customers.

Internal Communications

Employee engagement is important with every organization, big or small. When you email a coworker, the email signature banner will dynamically update to an internal-specific message! Teams today are using this targeting functionality for open enrollment, company announcements, upcoming team meetings, or even philanthropy initiatives.

Email Signature Marketing Overview

Businesses communicate via email more than virtually any other type of communication combined. Though we now have video chatting, online calling, and instant messaging, email is by far the fastest and most convenient method of communication. And because of this, email signature marketing can be very powerful.

What is email signature marketing? What is signature in advertising? A corporate email signature can be used for marketing in multiple ways. First, there can be an email banner or text promoting the company and any information someone might need. An email signature promotional banner can be inserted for important promotions and events. And the email signature marketing software can manage this universally, such as through the Terminus platform, so that individual users don’t need to edit their signatures on their own.

Companies can also maintain corporate email signature guidelines which provide for brand awareness and recognition, by making it easier for individuals to identify themselves as a part of the company, and making it easier for those who interact with the business to readily identify their taglines.

With email signature advertising, the more emails sent out, the more the advertising does. With every subsequent email, the company will be able to build upon its brand awareness. Presenting a united front through marketing and sales is frequently essential.

Sigstr Pricing

Sigstr is one of the major brands and software companies that build email signature marketing; while there are Sigstr competitors, most of them are not as large or robust. In December 2019, Sigstr was acquired by Terminus. Users can view the Sigstr website or Terminus to find out more about Sigstr careers, Sigstr G2, Sigstr software,Sigstr pricing, and the Sigstr download. Sigstr is fully integrated into the Terminus email signature, making the Sigstr acquisition very valuable.

What does Sigstr do? Sigstr creates an email signature line for your entire company which can be standardized and controlled centrally. So, your organization will be able to modify its signature across the entirety of the corporation with ease, rather than trying to rely upon the employees themselves to manage it. Not only does this create a comprehensive and consolidated suite of email advertising, but it enables organizations to target super-powered banners toward the customers who are being emailed.

With Sigstr, every email sent essentially becomes a powerful advertising mechanic, which in turn means that advertising and sales are low-effort and automated. Sigstr fits in nicely with the Terminus platform and Terminus campaigns because it can be used to develop account-based, custom marketing, as individuals will be able to be advertised to on the basis of their interactions with the organization, and they will be able to grow closer in terms of relationships to the organization.

Moreover, Sigstr makes it easier to manage advertising, because it’s an automated solution. Account executives and sales professionals will be able to focus more on closing sales rather than managing their email signatures and other media. Terminus and its partners such as Sigstr shine when automating the critical components of advertising, because this reduces the chances that anything can be missed, and allows organizations to leverage their human capital more effectively.

Canva Email Signature

Before you automate your email signature, you need to create a banner. There are many free email signature templates. The best email signature generator will create something clean that can be viewed in multiple resolutions. Many people use the Canva email signature, but there are also Codetwo email signatures, the Symprex email signature manager, and Wisestamp for teams. What’s most important is that the email signature look professional, even if you just use an Exclaimer free email signature generator. There are also free email signature software for Office 365 plug-ins and apps, and you can find any email signature generator through Google online.

A Canva email signature is often recommended because they have many templates to match many companies and industries and the Canva email signature can be customized easily to suit your business. Think about your company’s voice, corporate colors, and anything else that you might see that would increase brand awareness. You want your email signature to fit into your overall marketing campaign.

You can also conduct a form of A/B testing by creating multiple banners and randomly targeting them, identifying which banners are best-suited for which customers and demographics. A/B testing is always the best way to determine what works for a given audience because it’s not always possible to anticipate what people will really respond to. And, of course, email signatures should be refreshed periodically to make sure it’s still up-to-date, trendy, and reflecting with your current audience.

A good professional email signature is something that is concise, gives the information that the customer wants, looks polished and professional, and resonates with the company brand. Some idea testing may be necessary to really pin down the right formula.

Best Email Signatures 2021

Sometimes the best way to look at email signature best practices 2020 or 2021 is to look at examples. Some of the best email signatures 2021 will give you ideas as to how to create your own email signature or email template. You can look at the Terminus listings and our use cases for email signature marketing. We have extensive tips and tricks available as well for creating the best professional email signature.

The best email signatures are going to be eye-catching. Many of them have statistics or facts that people will naturally want to read. They have bright, fun colors, so they are offset by the black-and-white of the email. When used properly, email signatures can lead to increased ticket sales, video plays, and new sources of donations, fundraising, or purchases. Often, email banners are a cheaper ad spend than paid advertising and can target customers who are already interested.

Email signature examples may also vary depending on company size and industry. Make sure you’re looking at email signature trends and signature advertising examples that are relevant and timely. The best email signature examples from ten years ago may feel dated compared to email banner examples today. Likewise, the best email signature templates for large corporations might not have the same resonance as email signature banner examples for small businesses, or the best email signatures examples for professionals.

Critically, these email ads usually incorporate the colors and the design patterns of the brand itself. The brand should also have specific metrics that it’s tracking in terms of its marketing; what does it really want to accomplish? Like any other advertising campaign, these metrics form the basis of whether the campaign can be considered truly “successful.” Metrics make it possible to improve upon the marketing incrementally Without knowing what you want to accomplish, it’s impossible to know whether you’re actually meeting your goals.

The best email signatures 2021 are a great starting point for those who are just developing their banner marketing and their email templates. When in doubt, doing what some of the bigger businesses are doing in your industry can, at least, give you a starting point.

Email Signature Banner Size

Now that you understand the importance of great email signature design, it’s important to get into the basics of the actual design itself. What email signature banner size is the best? What guidelines should you follow? What are the elements of advertising? Can creative email signatures break these conventions? One thing you should consider is whether someone is mobile on their phone or on their desktop. Email signature etiquette demands that the dimensions be conservative and that the file itself be fairly small.

Most email signature banners will follow roughly the same conventions as a billboard, digital ad, or other ad design.

How does the advertising industry self regulate? Well, an email signature promotional banner size that’s too large and obnoxious just won’t get results. You can get an email banner template or email signature banner template that shows you everything about the elements of a good advertisement. That gives you a jumping off point.

Most ads ape the elements of print advertising, so an elements of advertisements PDF can help even if it’s about traditional advertising. The selling message of a written advertisement really doesn’t change. And the email signature promotional banner size is very likely to get adjusted to the size of a screen regardless.

Remember that when advertising you largely want to be memorable but also unobtrusive. You don’t want to be so obnoxious that people are irritated by your ads, you just want to be noticeable. One thing you do need to pay attention to is file size. Large file size is going to bog down your servers and make it more difficult for someone to get your emails. In fact, large file sizes may never reach it to their destination.

2021 Email Signature

The 2021 email signature is very much like today’s paid advertising banners. But there are differences between personal email signature templates, writing an email signature template Outlook can use, and email signature examples personal in other platforms. If you’re using Outlook, Gmail, or a platform such as Terminus, the way you develop your email signature is going to differ. But most should follow the same guidelines.

A lot of email signature examples personal are going to be in something called a WYSIWYG editor, like the Office 365 Email Signature Management system. You’ll be able to design your signature with font sizes, images, and more. You might need to look into how to add banner to email signature in outlook, but by and large, whatever you “see” is what you “get”; you can edit visually without needing to know anything like HTML code. Creating an email signature banner Gmail is the same.

When developing your personal email signature 2020 or 2021, you should first look at a sample of signature in Gmail, Outlook, etc, to get an understanding of how the platform formats and modifies things. From there, it’s just a matter of designing your email to your taste and to your company’s branding. Once the email signature has been designed, it’ll be automatically added to the footer of your every email.

Consider this whenever sending emails because it’s very important that you be professional when you’re responding with a corporate email line. It’s also important to remember that your personal email is going to reflect on your emails out; this is critical if, for instance, you’re using a personal email to apply for jobs, and may have a joke or something unprofessional in it.

Today, a lot of people don’t have personal email signatures. But they are important. They tell people exactly how to connect with you if they do need to connect with you, and they can help you develop your own professionalism and personal brand.

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