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You’ve heard of ABM (account-based marketing) but what about ABX (account-based experience)? ABX is a holistic approach to account-based marketing, making it a business philosophy more than just a marketing philosophy. Under ABX, everything is done to personalize and tailor services to the individual client, leading to much higher rates of acquisition and retention, better word of mouth, and vastly improved ROI. But that’s what it means in marketing.

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But you’re not looking for an ABX prescription, ABX Rhinelander jobs, or the ABX therapy definition; you’re looking for “account-based marketing.” So, if you get an antibiotics PDF 2019 or ABX Berry Films first, you’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

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Account Based Experience

Now let’s turn our eye to the world of Account Based Everything. Account Based experience is about the buyer journey and buyer’s journey stages. Understanding buyers, their journey, and their needs are the first steps toward getting them what they want. And that’s all sales and marketing is about; getting the buyer what they want. Every product or service needs the interest of the buyer MCQ, whether it’s through an understanding buyers PPT, individually curated metrics, or one-on-one conversations.

Why is it important to understand buyers needs? Consider what needs the interest of the buyer — virtually any product. While you can engage in “pressure sales” tactics with individuals, that works very poorly online. In the old days, people could sell things door-to-door through high-pressure sales. Today, ignoring you is as easy as deleting an email. Because of this, today’s sales skills and techniques have tilted toward finding needs and filling it, from CBO marketing to paid advertising and SEO.

Modern sales skills training focuses on making sure that you know what the customer needs and are able to fill it. A current sales and marketing skills PDF will focus on “account based everything” as a tactic that can be used to ensure that the customer’s entire experience is tailored to their needs. And the effectiveness of this is reflected in hiring; today, employers look for ABM or ABX on a sales skills CV or sales skills PDF. It’s one of the top sales skills 2019 and top sales skills 2020.

If you’re looking to use a software or platform to deliver an exceptional account based experience to your customer and prospects consider Terminus, Demandbase, or 6sense ABM. Just like with Terminus and Demandbase, 6sense integrations are available like the 6sense Salesforce integration, G2 account-based marketing integration, and HubSpot account-based marketing integration. In terms of 6sense competitors, 6sense vs. Demandbase is a common comparison to make. If you’d like to learn more about 6sense careers or what the 6sense logo looks like, check out their website. For fundraising and 6sense revenue projections, check out the 6sense Crunchbase profile.

What is ABX in Marketing?

So, we know that if you look up ABX, you can find other definitions which are completely disparate from ABM. What is ABX in marketing? For that matter, what is ABO marketing (which is often used synonymously)? Account Based Marketing (ABM), Account Based Experience (ABX), and Account Based Orchestration (ABO) are all terms that are highly related to account meaning. Check out the ABM is B2B PDF, an ABM playbook template, or the ABM trends 2021 report to see the connection between all of these terms.

First, the ABO marketing definition. The ABO marketing meaning is very close to ABX, with a bit of a difference. ABX is the philosophy that everything should be account based. Account Based Orchestration is more related to how to achieve that, because to achieve ABX you need all of your material components in both sales and marketing to work together.

If you want to learn more about ABX in marketing, you can go to TOPO research, the TOPO virtual summit, Gartner Acquisitions, or other Gartner Topo resources. The TOPO sales framework, TOPO Salesforce integration, and TOPO funnel can all afford you insights into how ABX works. They also offer resources like an account-based marketing infographic PDF and account-based marketing market size report.

ABX is the natural evolution of ABM. Account Based Marketing focuses on marketing to individual accounts, while also assessing which accounts are likely to convert and likely to be higher in value. Account Based Everything extends this to all aspects of the business, not just sales but customer service and support, and even product and service ideation and creation.

How does the account based experience definition and account of experience meaning relate to account-based marketing strategies? An account-based marketing PDF timeline, account-based marketing plan PDF, account-based marketing playbook, or account-based marketing PPT will look similar to account-based advertising tactics or an account based experience activity list. For the latest trends, be sure to check out the state of account-based marketing 2021, account-based marketing trends 2021 report, account-based marketing trends 2020 report, or account-based marketing statistics 2020 summary. If you need a place to start, study some account-based marketing examples or account-based marketing case studies. A list of account-based marketing tactics 2020 or an account-based marketing template could also be helpful. And don’t forget about an account-based marketing agency, account-based marketing course, or account-based marketing HubSpot blog posts.

Selling Skills for ABX

Modern selling skills differ significantly from the selling skills of yesteryear. First, let’s look at general sales prospecting techniques and modern prospecting definition. In the past, sales people used to send out prospecting emails to pretty much everyone. “Shotgun” prospecting methods were very popular. They would use sales prospecting tools to put together lists of tens of thousands of individuals and hope that people were interested.

But this example of prospecting in selling process was very inefficient. Many of those who responded might have lackluster interest at best. And there was no way to tell which prospects would become the most profitable.

Now, we know how to approach prospects — through personalization. Today, modern sales prospecting techniques PDF documents will show you how to interact with and identify leading prospects, not just any. Current sales prospecting examples are more targeted. Today, someone will load up Wywyn email or Leandata Salesforce and identify those who are most likely to be interested. They will then tailor information to them.

The Salesforce architecture PDF and Salesforce architecture PPT shows that the Salesforce backend database and Salesforce database architecture can all integrate well with an ABX solution. With Terminus and Salesforce, for instance, teams can prospect, stay organized, track success, and more. The Salesforce service cloud architecture also makes it easier to retain and access data. The Salesforce API is both robust and strong.

So, modern selling skills are more about identifying the right prospects than simply trying to aggressively secure existing prospects.

Creative Ways to Reach Prospects with ABX

Now that we understand the basics of ABX, let’s discuss some creative ways to reach prospects. Because ABX is all about getting the right prospects, you’ll often be selling to VITO — Very Important Top Officers. Take a look at a selling to Vito PDF to see how this is usually handled. Vito letter examples, for instance, give you more information about how these individuals should be connected with — and there are many selling to Vito PDF free download files you can look at.

Selling to VITO summary: you need to know what they want, because they definitely do. In B2B sales, businesses do a significant amount of research and generally know exactly which capabilities they need.

The VITO sales meaning is simple; you need to connect with the most important individuals first. These are the people who have decision-making capabilities and who are going to be more likely to commit. And the values of their purchases are going to be higher. Here’s where the Pareto principle comes in again; 20 percent of customers will lead to 80 percent of sales. Further, because these customers know what they want, they are frequently less demanding.

But when dealing with creative ways to reach prospects, there’s also situational needs examples. You might instead need to reach out to someone lower down in the company hierarchy, but who is more interested in the product and will act as an advocate. You can consider many things, such as sending out physical booklets, inviting them to seminars and retreats, and otherwise engaging with them on a personal and one-to-one level.

In theory, VITO is very similar to an account-based marketing B2B strategy. Aside from the account for phrasal verb meaning, an account-based marketing strategy is also based around connecting with important buyers or stakeholders within a target account.

ABX Solutions

Let’s briefly take a look at other ABX solutions. We know what ABX marketing is. But a lot of people are going to be looking at, for instance, ABX therapy.

What is ABX therapy? You can look up a pharmacology antibiotics PDF, but the short of it is that it’s an antibiotic treatment that may be recommended for certain illnesses. Johns Hopkins is a great resource for this; you can look up the Johns Hopkins ABX guide app, the Johns Hopkins ABX guide PDF, the John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide 2019 PDF Free Download, and the John Hopkins Antibiotic Guide 2020 PDF.

Because it’s an antibiotic, it’s important to get diagnosed and prescribed by a professional. Otherwise, it may not be the best antibiotic for you or the illness that you have.

Other than the antibiotics, ABX can refer to things such as ABX film or ABX housing index charts. For ABX film, you can refer to the company that produces it. For ABX housing index charts, you can take a look at mortgage-backed securities and the companies that produce them. But what if you’re really interested in ABX marketing?

The easiest way to isolate ABX marketing is to look up “Account Based Everything” or to look up “ABX Marketing” in quotes. This will give you the resources that you actually need; information about ABX marketing specifically rather than information about just ABX. And, of course, if you’re really looking up prescription information, side effects, and treatment possibilities, the best person to discuss this with is your pharmacist.