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Terminus was named “Leader” in the ABM category for the 16th consecutive quarter.

Evaluating ABM platforms? Here’s why you should consider Terminus.

We care about our customers deeply and sincerely, and we’re not only rooting for your ABM success, we’re also working side-by-side your team to make it happen.

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ABM Platforms

When teams start to consider account-based marketing (in addition to their traditional inbound marketing), they will also start to evaluate ABM platforms. Not only are they choosing an ABM advertising platform, they’re also selecting a partner that will help them craft the best ABM strategy for their business and be an ongoing resource and advisor throughout their ABM journey. This resource was designed to educate the reader on the landscape of account-based marketing today (as a category) and why Terminus is one of the best ABM platforms to consider during your team’s evaluation.

Many of the platform names you’ll see below are among the best ABM tools available today. Based on which features and aspects of a partnership are most important to you, they can each offer value to your business and ABM strategy. Use this resource to compare, contrast, and evaluate each platform and its capabilities. Of course we realize you may think we’re a bit biased since Terminus is also among this group, so we invite you to also check out these third party resources:

  • ABM G2crowd category (neutral third party review site)
  • ABM platforms Forrester report (new one coming out soon!)
  • Q2 2018 ABM platforms Forrester report (although it’s a bit dated now)
  • ABM magic quadrant reports from other review sites like Capterra

At the end of the day, we hope you can find a platform that best suits your business goals. If that happens to be Terminus, great! If not, that’s okay too! Above all else, we’re here to be a resource for the category in general. This includes step-by-step tutorials, benchmark reports, best practices, examples, inspiration, and much more! We pride ourselves on being much more than a simple ABM tool. We strive to be a thought leader and a partner that will hold our customer’s hand all the way from strategy and a framework to execution and results.


Demandbase offers a comprehensive AI-enabled ABM platform designed to help B2B marketers. Demandbase pricing, the Demandbase login, and the Demandbase ABM certification can all be found on their website. Their site can also educate you on customer examples and their annual event, Demandbase ABM Summit. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re at the correct website or not, just look for the Demandbase logo in the top left corner.

They offer a number of resources, like the Demandbase ABM 101 ebook and a number of different blog posts. You’ll also find that the Demandbase ABM ecosystem offers a number of available integrations that are available to integrate with the Demandbase ABM platform. You can also use the Demandbase email sign-up available on their site if you’d like them to deliver resources and content straight to your inbox.

Demandbase competitors include Engagio, Rollworks, Jabmo, 6Sense, and Terminus. All of these platforms can offer a great solution for your business, based on what’s most important to you. One important thing to consider with account-based advertising? IP-based ad targeting versus cookie-based targeting. IP-based targeting alone delivers lower match accuracy. But with both, you’ll be able to identify more people on more devices versus just having IP-based advertising. When evaluating ABM platforms and deciding which is best for your team, consider important features like this.


Another leading platform in the ABM category is Engagio. Much like Demandbase, you can find Engagio pricing, the Engagio login for customers, and Engagio features all on their website. The website is laid out in a way where you can navigate through Engagio products, solutions, resources, customers, their blog, and company background. Within the Engagio ABM platform overview, you’ll find more information on the Engagio Orchestrate feature. This allows teams to automate and scale sequences with both marketing and sales touches.

In addition to product information, their website also offers content and resources like the Engagio ABM guide. This particular ebook can show you how to use the Engagio tool in effective ways to help your ABM program. Beyond the Engagio website, use other sources of information to evaluate Engagio and other ABM vendors. An Engagio ABM platform review can be found on review sites like G2 and Capterra. Here you’ll be able to see honest feedback from real customers in a way that allows you to learn more about product features, customer service, support, and overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to features and customer feedback, it’s also smart to consider how a vendor can help your team run more ABM campaigns faster with complete reporting on your pipeline and revenue. And be sure to see if the vendor also offers a thoughtful and proven framework that can guide your team on what to focus on next. Account-based marketing can be overwhelming sometimes, especially during the start. It’s important to have a plan in place and lay out a proven path to success.

ABM Marketing

We’ll take a quick break in the action and observe all of the third party resources available that evaluate each of these ABM marketing platforms. If you’re looking for account based marketing best practices, each of these companies have ebooks, reports, or printed books that can offer some value to your team. However, if you’re looking for trends in the marketplace or how analysts rank each of these platforms, check out G2 or the Forrester ABM 2019 section of resources. The official “Wave” report comes out every two years, so you won’t find a Forrester ABM Wave 2019 report, but the 2020 report will be published very soon. We’d be happy to send you a copy if interested! Just let us know.

Other readers may be looking for something more specific, like a Forrester infographic. ABM maturity corresponds to better revenue results as you will learn, so any type of resource that can help your team achieve this type of success is worth reading.

If you’re new to account-based marketing or need a starting point, don’t forget about one of the first and all-time great resources, the Account Based Marketing for Dummies book! It introduces ABM in a simple and engaging way and does a good job of explaining the “why” behind ABM before diving into any specific tactics or playbooks. Not to mention, it’s authored by Terminus’ Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Sangram Vajre! Terminus has been a prominent thought leader in this category from the very beginning, and a book like this only proves that ABM is rooted in the DNA of the Terminus platform.


Another ABM platform worth mentioning is RollWorks. Rollworks is part of the same family as NextRoll, which both are business units within the company Adroll. The RollWorks platform specializes in the identification, engagement and measurement of an ABM strategy. It claims to deliver over five times the amount of return on their customers’ investment when compared to other ABM vendors. A bold claim, nonetheless, and definitely something to ask about if you choose to see a demo.

As you evaluate ABM vendors, like RollWorks, keep a list of questions ready that relate to product features. For example:

  • Does this ABM platform offer premium intent and/or partner with premium intent data providers?
  • What is the match rate with cookie targeting? Or, at minimum, do they even offer cookie targeting?
  • How easy is it to manage the data provided by an ABM platform and can I pull all of that together into a centralized location?

All of the questions above are important to note during an evaluation. Maybe the most important? Intent data. One company in particular saw a thirty-three percent shorter sales cycle and two hundred and seventy-one percent return on their investment for display and paid social when they combined their strategy with intent data. It’s definitely a game-changer for a team’s ABM strategy.

Terminus ABM

Terminus ABM is the number one customer rated account based marketing platform (according to G2). It is the end-to-end command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging those accounts with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signals from noise, and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter most. Simply put, the Terminus ABM platform allows teams to deliver on more of their pipeline and revenue goals.

When you think of Terminus, terminal may also be another word that comes to mind. Just like a terminal logo, which can represent a point of connection or destination of other connections, the Terminus Account Hub is the command center that serves as a central target account database. It unifies a team’s first and third party data and provides a 360-degree view of all of their target accounts and contacts. From there, teams can build actionable target account lists, identify engagement gaps, and prioritize their ABM efforts as one team.

With the acquisition of BrightFunnel, Terminus attribution features are better than ever. And with the acquisition of Sigstr, Terminus email targeting (through email signature marketing) provides a brand new channel for ABM engagement. To learn more about the platform, feel free to schedule a Terminus demo, where you can also learn more about terminal price options, new product features, and our customer support team.


Another popular ABM company? Jabmo! They’re specifically focused on manufacturing companies that want to win more revenue with their top accounts (but may be hit with the limitations of traditional marketing automation platforms). According to their website, manufacturers are now shifting travel and event budgets to account-based advertising. Jabmo helps these businesses reach and engage the buying committees of their top targets, in addition to targeted advertising and measurement.

Jabmo also states that it is an omnichannel platform. According to their product overview, this includes account-based advertising, sales insights, marketing automation, and personalization. They work with over fifty global manufacturers and even offer a Manufacturing 5000 Survey Report on their website, which features data gathered from surveying the companies on this list. Jabmo has office locations in the United States (Austin, Texas), France (Paris), and Japan (Tokyo).

Their website also offers helpful resources like blog posts, infographics, videos, webinars, white papers, and a schedule of events they’ll be attending in the future. If you’d like to learn more about the Jabmo platform or these types of resources, they offer a newsletter signup on their website. And for any agencies looking for more partners (specifically in the manufacturing vertical), they also have an agency partner program listed on the website.

HubSpot ABM

Another major player emerging in the account based marketing category is HubSpot. The leader of the inbound marketing revolution, HubSpot has a huge following of marketers and customers and has become the go-to source for all marketing resources (their blog is amazing)! If you don’t recognize the name from their content, I’m sure you have heard of their huge conference called INBOUND, which is held in Boston every year.

Now HubSpot ABM content is emerging on the blog, as well as plans for the HubSpot ABM beta program. This is a great sign, as it represents validation of this category and shows that this new approach to marketing is here to stay. Who knew what was once a buzzword is now a modern style of marketing that is being adopted by thought leaders like HubSpot?

As they extend beyond the beta program, we’ll get to learn more about the HubSpot ABM functionality as well as the HubSpot ABM integrations. On the content side, their already published HubSpot ABM guide offers great ideas and examples that you’ll also find in other vendor guides mentioned on this page. All in all, the ABM category is excited to welcome HubSpot as they incorporate more ABM thought leadership into their already impressive lineup of content and resources.