ABM Integration Overview: Pardot + Terminus

With the power of the Terminus platform and account-based marketing, Pardot users can build better segments for targeted advertising, help outbound teams prioritize best-fit accounts, and improve Salesforce data hygiene.

Terminus + Pardot Integration Case Study: Khronos

Create, accelerate, and close more pipeline with Terminus.

Terminus gives marketing teams the data they need to understand who their next customers are, all the channels they need to engage them, and customizable reporting and attribution to prove their impact.

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Account Based Marketing Pardot

You may have heard of account based marketing Pardot, but just what is Pardot used for? It is a B2B marketing automation solution that is built on Salesforce, the #1 CRM platform. This allows you to use one support team for all of your needs. You also join a community of over 2.8 million users. On top of that, you can earn badges in the company’s Trailhead program.

When you arrive at the Pardot site, you may be surprised by the plainness of the Pardot logo, which is overshadowed by the one for Salesforce. However, you’ll soon be looking for the details of what the program does and what it costs, instead of paying attention to the esthetics of the way Pardot’s name is printed.

You will find that a subscription to Pardot is an investment, with Pardot pricing starting at $1,250 and going all the way up to $15,000 per month. One difference between the tiers is how many contacts you can have, with the lowest-priced plan covering 10,000 contacts and the highest tier covering 75,000 of them. Features also vary between plans. Even though the prices are listed as a per-month cost, these plans are billed annually.

Of course, Pardot realizes that you are unlikely to just click there and commit to paying $15,000 per month sight unseen. Therefore, you can get a Pardot login by signing up for a Pardot free trial before you make the leap. You can also request a Pardot demo to give you an even better feel for the platform.

Pardot Account Based Marketing

Pardot’s four standard plans offer differing levels of features, as well as numbers of contacts, that your account may have. Therefore, the experience of using Pardot account based marketing will vary a bit depending on your plan choice.

In order to get your Pardot account setup, the first thing you need is a Pardot login. This can be obtained by signing up for the free trial or by setting up a Pardot contract. Then, you will be able to set up a username and password for use at https pi pardot com user login page (https://pi.pardot.com) or the https www pardot login screen (https://www.pardot.com).

After entering your Pardot dashboard login credentials, you’ll be taken to the dashboard that is appropriate to your account tier. If you’ve chosen the most basic of the Pardot subscriptions, you’ll be able to have 10,000 contacts in your account. You’ll also have access to a suite of marketing automation tools. Moving up a level adds analytics to the package, and the tier above that brings artificial intelligence into the picture. The top tier gives you enterprise-ready features, including predictive analytics, as well as support. Each increase in tier level also increases the number of contacts your account will allow. If you have any Pardot login issues, their support team will help you resolve them right away.

Once you log in, it won’t take long at all for you to see the power of account based marketing Pardot.

Salesforce Pardot

The Salesforce Pardot connection has been in place for over six years. That’s when Salesforce purchased Pardot. Pardot itself was launched in 2007, and was acquired in 2012 by ExactTarget. The next year, Salesforce bought out ExactTarget, thereby bringing Pardot under its roof.

This was just one of many acquisitions made by Salesforce through the years. Because of this, Salesforce is able to offer a great number of sales and marketing-related services, which can be learned about when you access your Pardot dashboard in Salesforce. You can also learn about these other offerings on Salesforce’s site. They include tools for email marketing, automation, ABM, and more.

Salesforce account based marketing involves Salesforce marketing automation, the Salesforce email marketing tool, Pardot, and more. All of these are integrated through the Salesforce CRM, which makes setup and maintenance easy. With your Salesforce login, you also gain access to Salesforce Engage, which is a tool that provides access to the relevant Pardot information for a lead or customer who is about to be contacted. This tool augments, rather than replaces, Salesforce and Pardot.

ABM Salesforce is one of the more recent additions to the platform’s capabilities. It has long been known for sales automation, which allows teams to contact and work with far more prospects and clients than otherwise possible. Since its inception, the company has not allowed itself to become stagnant. It keeps up with changes in the sales and marketing field so that it can always provide the tools its customers need to greatly improve their success. Even better, it doesn’t just replace old tools with new ones. Instead, it retains all useful tools, so you can keep a working strategy even if it’s older, or blend in new developments as your needs change.

Marketing Cloud Account Based Marketing

The Marketing Cloud is the term for Salesforce’s massive suite of tools for sales and marketing people. It was formed by developing and acquiring new technologies over the course of many years. Many people access it through their Salesforce Marketing Cloud login, though it can also be entered via one of the offerings under the Salesforce umbrella, such as Pardot. Therefore, you may also have a Pardot marketing cloud login, as well as logins via several other front-ends. Typically, you’ll end up using the one that leads you directly to the tool you use the most. You may also find that you’re a big fan of the associated Marketing Knowledge Cloud.

Currently, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes 12 different tools. Among others, these include Pardot, Email Studio, Customer 360 Audiences, Mobile Studio, and Social Studio.

One of the best ways to get familiar with the Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud account based marketing is to get a Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo. This will give you access to many or all of the included tools, and let you see how they work together within this system. Go to https www salesforce com marketing cloud (https://www.salesforce.com marketing cloud) to learn more and sign up to see short demos of all of the components.

ABM Dashboard Pardot

As with many other of Salesforce’s components, Pardot has marketing automation as one of its main benefits. However, it doesn’t stop with this. The Pardot dashboard also gives you access to several other capabilities, including Pardot analytics (which lets you monitor growth Pardot, among other stats), the Pardot CRM (or Pardot CMS) system to keep track of everything that’s going on with an account, a Pardot API, and access to the B2BMA dashboards (formerly known as Pardot Wave). Pardot new features are added frequently, too.

Some of these Pardot features, like B2BMA, are so extensive and useful that entire articles have been written on them alone. This is because they combine several other features under one name. For example, on this dashboard, you’ll find that you have access to a Marketing Manager dashboard, the Sales Pipeline, the Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard, and the ABM dashboard Pardot. As you can see, you get many features under one umbrella with Pardot B2BMA.

If you do a Pardot features comparison, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Pardot and Salesforce. You get far more tools, and they are arranged so that you can easily page through them all once you get familiar with the interface. It’s hard to find any Pardot limits when you consider all of the Pardot features. However, there is one: Each account tier has a different set of features, and a different number of total contacts allowed. In order to gain access to all of the features, you need to sign up for Pardot premium. That said, even the most basic tier is very powerful.

All of these features are made even more powerful by Pardot analytics. The analytics features make it easy to see which of your sales and marketing plays are working, which need help, and which should be replaced altogether. This allows your efforts to be far more efficient and cost-effective.

ABM in Pardot

If the last section has you worried that it’ll be hard to master ABM in Pardot thanks to all of the features there are, don’t worry. There are plenty of Pardot resources available to help you learn how to use the system. With the help of these Pardot help and training offerings, it won’t take you long to be able to go through each of the tools under the platform’s umbrella, such as the CRM, analytics, and automated marketing systems. If you’re a developer, you’ll also be glad to know that Pardot coding is covered in the relevant educational resources.

For those just starting out, the Pardot bootcamp is a good beginning point. You should also check out the Pardot tutorial PDF, specialized Pardot training events, The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Account Based Marketing, and other such resources. If you want to take your basic skills to the next level, it’s time to enter Pardot University, which even offers a Pardot certification for those who meet its requirements. This certification is a great career-builder for those seeking jobs at companies that use Pardot.

Sometimes, you need to know something about how to use Pardot right away. Then, you can go right to YouTube to catch a tutorial video, or use Google to be directed to the one you need. For example, typing “Pardot account based marketing YouTube” into Google will help you avoid irrelevant results. It is also sometimes possible to get help from an online Pardot community.

There is no need to feel lost, whether you’re just getting started with Pardot or you want to take your skills up a notch. The many levels of Pardot training available ensure that you can get the help you need regardless of your current experience level. Salesforce and Pardot are committed to your success, and this includes making sure that you know how to use all of their tools.