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Account Based Marketing Strategy

If you’re to the point where you have a basic understanding of account based marketing and you feel that it can help your revenue goals, you’re now ready to build an account based marketing strategy. Terminus is here to be a resource for you and your team every step of the way. We love working with teams to develop an account based marketing framework, execution plan, and ways to measure success. But before diving into a strategy or framework, we also offer “101 lessons” or starting points for those needing more education for their team. This includes:

  • Account-based marketing free courses.
  • Account-based marketing certification program.
  • Account based marketing workbook resources that provide key insights, stats, and best practices.
  • The “Account Based Marketing for Dummies” book, authored by our own Chief Evangelist, Sangram Vajre!
    • Note: We also offer the “Account Based Marketing for Dummies” PDF download for those wanting the digital copy.
  • “ABM is B2B” – another account based marketing book authored by Sangram Vajre.

Why is it important to prepare your team with materials and resources before building a strategy? If you compare account based marketing vs lead generation, there are many new terms to learn. It’s a different and new approach to marketing. So by taking an account based marketing course or learning other fundamentals of account-based marketing, your team will start to familiarize themselves with the terminology and philosophy behind this approach. Learning the “why” behind B2B account based marketing before the who, what, or when will only help your team. It will keep them motivated during the not-so-fun times. Who said account based marketing was easy? Sometimes it isn’t. However, if you have a sound strategy and surround yourself with a great team and resources that can help along the way, you significantly increase your chances of success.

LinkedIn Ads

A perfect channel to complement your account based marketing strategy is LinkedIn. Why? LinkedIn offers ways to target specific companies, industries, or verticals that match your ideal customer profile. ABM teams today launch LinkedIn ads so they can get their brand in front of their most important customers and prospects. What does a LinkedIn ad look like? Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Include your company name or logo so they get familiar with your brand.
  • Offer them something of value or a “next step” – this includes content, a webinar, free trial, demo, or meeting.
  • Include interesting colors, visuals, graphics, or anything else that will capture their attention.
  • Include a call-to-action button that is consistent with the desired next step (see bullet point two).

Don’t worry, the LinkedIn marketing solutions team can help you along the way. Or, an ABM platform like Terminus can even guide you through every step of the process. Better yet, we can even launch the ads for you and report back on the results!

Just like the resources mentioned above, Terminus also offers an account based LinkedIn guide that can help. If you’re already familiar with Linkedin, learning account based marketing strategies for this channel is the next step! As for the Terminus platform, out of all of our integrations for account based marketing, LinkedIn is a very popular one amongst our customers. LinkedIn and ABM together make a dynamic duo.

Account Based Marketing Examples

In addition to education, helpful resources, and building a strategy, account based marketing examples can also be very valuable for your sales, marketing, or customer success team. Seeing is believing for some, and seeing real examples of personalization or other ABM magic can help motivate your team to do the same. It also allows you to see many options and pick or choose what you might want to use for your own strategy. Here are a few types of resources that will include B2B account based marketing examples:

  • Account based marketing case studies in the form of PDFs
  • Account based marketing PPT slides or presentations
  • Account based marketing success stories in the form of videos or podcasts
  • B2B account based marketing case studies in the form of blog posts

An important part of an account based marketing strategy is content. Resources like videos, ebooks, guides, and case studies play a big part in marketing to your top accounts. Remember to check out what other teams are doing for their account based content marketing strategy. What forms of content are they using to get their most important customers and prospects to engage with their brand? Here’s a list of ideas that can help get you started:

  • Ebooks or whitepapers
  • Industry or benchmark reports
  • Case studies
  • Customer videos or audio interviews
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts or specific pages on your website
  • Webinars or virtual events

No matter the content or strategy, the best account based marketing examples always put the prospect or customer first. It makes them feel like they are the only account the company is focused on. They feel special, and see a real need for your product or service. There are endless amounts of examples to look at and strategies to consider, but above all else, always keep your focus on your audience. If you think about their needs, pain points, and how you can deliver value for them, the rest will work itself out!

Account Based Marketing HubSpot

Later on in this resource, we’ll talk about platforms and vendors that have been in the ABM category for a few years now. We’ll use this section to introduce a new name in account based marketing, HubSpot! This Boston-based company is already well known in the digital marketing scene. If you don’t know their name from the huge annual conference they host every year in Boston (INBOUND), you might know them from their incredibly popular blog. HubSpot is a true thought leader in all things marketing, so it’s exciting to see them endorse account based marketing.

In addition to account based marketing blog topics and other hype around ABM, they’re also incorporating it into their marketing automation platform. They first introduced the HubSpot ABM Beta program so they could answer the question, “how does account based marketing work in HubSpot?” Now these new features are going beyond just HubSpot account-based marketing beta users and into the rest of their customer base.

Why is it important to now have a brand like HubSpot in this category? Validation that this new approach to marketing works! If the best in digital marketing adopt ABM, many others will too. We’re big fans of HubSpot and how they continue to innovate in the digital marketing landscape. To learn more, visit the account based marketing HubSpot knowledge base.

Account Based Marketing Agency

While ABM vendors and tools can help you with the technology side, an account based marketing agency can help with other things. Need extra assistance with writing copy, designing graphics, or making your brand stand out more? It might be time to consider partnering with an agency. While an ABM platform provides the technology, framework, and strategy, teams can partner with an agency on the execution of an ABM process.

Teams can actually partner with both! ABM software providers and agencies most likely already have an existing partnership or relationship in place as they send business back and forth to each other. It’s no small task to learn account based marketing and teach the benefits of account based marketing to the rest of your organization, so have us do it for you!

It’s important to find the right agency and ABM vendor for your team’s needs. Terminus works with a number of agencies to help our customers succeed with account based marketing. We recommend any of the following agencies:

  • SmartBug Media
  • Intelligent Demand
  • Kuno Creative

There are many other great agencies beyond just this list. These are just a few we work with regularly and have much respect for. It requires a lot of time, resources, and employee hours to execute account based marketing. If you feel strongly that ABM is needed in order to hit your revenue goals, but lack the resources or hours to execute tactics effectively, it makes sense to at least engage in initial discussions with agencies and ABM software vendors. Sometimes you can even jump on a call with both! They can explain how they help other shared customers with ABM and how they’ll be able to do the same for you.

Account Based Marketing Tools

As mentioned above, your strategy and ideas are only as good as the technology you use to execute ABM. Why are account based marketing tools needed? They can help with:

  • Account selection. Deciding who is the ideal customer for your business and how to find more companies that fit that profile but aren’t customers yet.
  • Account-based advertising. Making sure your ads get in front of targeted accounts so they can become familiar with your brand. The term personalization in account based marketing means customizing resources (like ads, emails, and content) that cater to each specific account. An ABM tool or platform can help scale and automate this process.
  • Orchestration and management. Providing visibility into all of the moving parts and tactics that are driving engagement and progressing deals.
  • Analytics and reporting. Keeping tabs on what’s working best and showing key performance indicators that will measure the success of your ABM program.

Who gets access to account based marketing tools? We recommend the marketing, sales, and customer success team. In some cases, it also makes sense to provide a login to the c-suite or those on the leadership team. Account-based marketing adoption is important within an organization, as it involves many teams. The leadership team needs to believe in it and know it’s worth the investment. However, if the marketing team or main user of the technology needs help with this, most ABM software providers can supply them with an account based marketing guide to share. It can provide key objectives of account based marketing and expected return on investment.

How do you know which account based marketing platform is best for your business? It obviously depends on your goals, current challenges, and how you want to grow your business. However, it’s important to ask these questions during your evaluation process, as they apply across all situations.

  • Am I just buying the technology? Or am I also buying a partner that can help with a framework and strategy?
  • What if something goes wrong? Will a dedicated customer success manager be assigned to my account and will they be available anytime I need help?
  • Do they practice what they preach? Are they a leading innovator in this category and can they supply resources (like benchmark reports and best practices) that can help me succeed?

The objective of account based marketing vendors shouldn’t be just to provide the technology. They should want to see your team succeed and help you during every step of the process. At Terminus, we pride ourselves on this. If you need help with your strategy, guidance on your current tech stack, or just a resource to help you get started, we’re always here and available.