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WiseStamp is the perfect email signature generator for small business owners, freelancers, and individual professionals. Signing up for a WiseStamp account is a great first step into the email signature marketing world, even if it’s a free WiseStamp trial. Why is it important to have an email signature? We’ll explain the significance behind this marketing strategy down below, but first let’s get to know a popular solution provider for this.

After accessing the platform through the WiseStamp login, users will see plenty of options on how to create their email signature. WiseStamp free options are great for smaller companies, especially individual professionals or really small teams. Where can you find this? By simply going to “https www wisestamp com free” you will see how to start this process. What many know as a free generator webapp, WiseStamp also offers options for those looking to manage multiple email signature across a bigger team.

For a WiseStamp team log in, you may have to first weigh some options. WiseStamp teams pricing is different than the free generator as it may include some WiseStamp Pro features. If you can’t access the WiseStamp for teams login, navigate to the WiseStamp pricing page first. From there you will a “WiseStamp teams” option that leads to more details. Before deciding on an option (whether paid or free), think about how you’ll be using WiseStamp for business purposes. Here are some important questions to consider:

  • Am I looking to promote my individual brand in my email signature, or is my email a part of a bigger team or group?
  • If a bigger team or group, how will we maintain brand consistency across all users?
  • Aside from brand, how can we use this digital real estate to promote our most important initiatives?

Depending on a “yes” or “no” with each of these questions above, you or your team will be able to compare WiseStamp pro vs free options and decide which is best. WiseStamp for groups is also important to consider when evaluating all options for WiseStamp. Nonprofit discounting may also be available! For those already using WiseStamp, templates are available based on what works best for you. If you aren’t finding a WiseStamp hack that works for Gmail or Outlook, try the WiseStamp contact number to get your issue resolved. WiseStamp Office 365 settings are important to keep in mind if you are an Outlook user. WiseStamp not showing up in Gmail for you? Sometimes the best solution is to find how to remove WiseStamp from Gmail first, then try adding it again. With all of this being said, many email signature platforms out there integrate seamlessly with Gmail or Outlook, and WiseStamp is included in that group! Although technical issues may happen with any of these available tools, there is almost always a solution.

Chrome Extensions

Like many chrome extensions out there, the WiseStamp extension is a nifty tool that can help make your life easier while making you more productive. According to the official Chrome store overview, WiseStamp can link to all of your social media profiles and networks. Users can share their latest statuses, funny quotes, legal disclaimers, or even special footers within their email signature. The extension also allows users to add a company logo, use multiple signatures, pick font colors, and more.

There are thirty-seven pages of customer reviews if you’re the type of person that likes to hear feedback from your peers before adding another extension to your browser. There are also four screenshots on the official listing that provide a sneak peek into what you will see when using the Chrome extension.

What about other browsers? The WiseStamp extension Safari option is also available! According to the WiseStamp help center, you can start this process by clicking on “Add our Safari extension” in the install settings after creating a signature. Then download the folder, open it, and click on the WiseStamp file. After that, your extensions preferences will open, which then you should click “Trust” on the pop-up window.

Email Signature

Why is it important to spend time on your email signature, either as an individual or part of a bigger team? Think about the thousands of emails you and your employees send every year. Each of these messages represent an opportunity to promote your brand and your most important brand initiatives. The average employee sends 10,000 emails a year, which becomes a huge missed opportunity if each of these sent emails are blank at the bottom. At the very basic level, an email signature should at least include:

  • A first name
  • A last name
  • Company name (unless it’s an email signature representing one person not tied to a business)
  • A job title or current professional status
  • Phone number (office or cell)

Also consider the number of lines this information will occupy. Insure that this section of the email signature doesn’t take up too much space. We recommend limiting it between five to seven lines. In addition to the components you see above, you’ll find the best email signatures examples also have call-to-action banners. Think of these as ads for the high-volume channel of email, which can dynamically update based on the sender or recipient (depending on the email signature software you’re using). They range from one hundred and thirty-five pixels to six hundred and sixty pixels wide. In terms of height, fifty to one hundred and seventy-seven pixels tall is ideal.

As you can see, there are many decisions to make when creating an email signature. What’s the best place to start? A source of inspiration such as an email signature templates free download! Sigstr offers a number of blog posts, infographics, videos, and ebooks that include many examples that can serve as a starting point for your template. Before you start to build the actual email signature template, take the time to browse through some options and pick out your favorites. Whether you’re a Gmail user or Outlook user, this strategy applies to both! Free email signature templates for Gmail can also be used for an email signature template Outlook users need.

One component of an email signature we haven’t mentioned yet? Email signature quotes. This is probably the most debated element of an email signature, as many people have strong opinions on whether it’s a good idea or not. Our recommendation is to leave them out, unless it’s a company slogan. We also support teachers who might include a quote related to a noble cause, such an a fundraiser, philanthropy, or disaster relief. For email signatures representing something bigger than the individual, such as a corporate, team, or special group, we strongly go against the idea of adding a quote. All in all, they just become a distraction from other components your email audience should be focusing on most (like the call-to-action or company information). Between quotes, colors, banners, and even social media icons, there are many things to consider when building an email signature. This is valuable real estate, so use it to your advantage!

Email Signature Generator

If you’re not quite ready to invest in software than can manage all of your employees’ email signatures, an email signature generator is the next best option. Think of it as a way to (in most cases) create a free email signature that can be customized with your information. You can find email signature generator options online. Here are a few that we recommend checking out:

  • HubSpot
  • WiseStamp
  • Drift
  • Signaturia

The free Drift email signature tool was recently introduced, as the other four have been available for some time now. As you compare other options with the email signature generator from WiseStamp, reviews can help! Read what everyone else uses and how their experience compared to expectations. NEWOLDSTAMP might emerge as a WiseStamp alternative you seriously consider using. We suggest putting together a “WiseStamp vs NEWOLDSTAMP” side-by-side comparison if you need help with the decision making process.

One very important element an email signature generator cannot offer is HTML email signature code. Why is this important? By using software that allows employees to copy and paste their unique HTML code into their email signature settings, the admin or brand marketer can then automatically update everyone’s email signature template without any extra effort from each end user. With this code in place, images in your email signature won’t default to attachments. And, most importantly, it allows the call-to-action banner to update based on sender and recipient rules. Here are a few targeting options available with sophisticated email signature software and HTML code:

  • Sender groups, such as different teams (marketing, sales, leadership, etc.) or multiple office locations.
  • Vertical or industry of the recipient.
  • Persona or job title of the recipient.
  • Email domain of a specific account or company.
  • Individual contacts or email addresses.

The possibilities are endless with this code and targeting! However, if this type of functionality isn’t necessarily needed for your desired purpose of an email signature, we recommend staying with a generator. Teachers are a great example of this! A teacher email signature maker doesn’t have to be overly complicated as it just needs to put together some basic elements. First name, last name, school name, title (or class and grade), and a phone number is more than enough for an impactful teacher email signature.

No matter the occupation, whether it be a teacher, marketer, photographer, or even insurance representative, an email signature is a part of the email sender’s brand! There are many solution providers and approaches to building and managing this piece of an email, so take the time to find what works best for you or your company.