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Email Signature Template

Whether you’re a small business or big corporation, a standardized email signature template helps establish your personal and company’s brand. Those who read the emails you and your employees send every day are your most important customers, contacts, and prospects, so it’s important to make a good brand impression. Not only that, these heat maps prove that they’re also paying close attention to the email signature area of each message.

Since brand impressions are so important in the high volume channel of email, individuals and teams should consider using a tool or software to manage their email signatures. For entrepreneurs, small companies, and freelancers who are sticking to a strict budget, free email signature templates make the most sense to use. Of the many resources available, look for an email signature templates free download option or email signature generator. For larger businesses or companies who have many employees across several offices, it makes the most sense to invest in software that offers a responsive email signature template for each team.

Either way, it’s important to determine the best email signature solution for you based on your needs. It’s also important to consider the email service your team uses, whether that be Gmail or Outlook. Each platform offers different technical requirements and, in some cases, challenges related to standardized email signatures. This resource will talk through each one and provide guidelines on what to consider when choosing a free tool or software.

Outlook Email Signature

Many teams, individuals, and large corporations today use Outlook as their main email application. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, and also offers a calendar, contact manager, journal, web browsing, task manager, note taking, and Outlook email signature settings. Today, you can use email signature software to manage and build your email signature template. Outlook integrates directly with different types of software to make this as seamless as possible for all of your employees. If your Office 365 signature management or free tool has limitations on how to scale or dynamically update email signatures across your entire company, this process may require a more strategic approach.

If you’re evaluating ways on how to add signature in office 365 outlook email in an effective and seamless way, the good news is you have options.The best place to start? Build an office 365 email signature template that can be scaled and customized across all of your employees. An office 365 email signature with logo options is an important feature within the template. Also consider social media icon options, employee headshots, and customizable text and colors.

Aside from the template and design, marketing or IT teams may be concerned with seamlessly populating each and every email signature with employee data. Have no fear! Email signature software platforms, like Sigstr, allow you to integrate directly with Outlook so these exchange property variables find their way into the appropriate employee email signature without taking too much of marketing’s time or IT’s resources.

Email Signature Design

When building a template and populating employee data into this area of an email, it’s important to craft an email signature design that makes the most sense for your business. This includes components like contact information, a call-to-action, company logo, headshot, and social media icons. Email signature quotes is an element we don’t recommend adding to your design. Keep things simple, professional, and format these items in a way that makes the best brand impression!

Also take into account the number of lines of text needed for employee and company information. We suggest no more than six lines for the business card area of the email signature. For headshots or avatars, limit these images to one hundred pixels wide and tall. Square (or balanced) dimensions work best. For social media icons, twenty to twenty-five pixels wide and tall is the norm. Knowing how to create email signature with logo is also helpful for this area.

Just like the ads you might see in any other channels, email signature banners come in many sizes and shapes. The Sigstr research team surveyed a thousand banners across one hundred and twenty companies and found many different trends. This data revealed that wide and short banners are most common. Lastly, it’s important to mention that html email signature code can help manage all of these different design elements across all employees. This is possible by using software like Sigstr to make the process painless and easy.

Email Signature Template
Email Signature Template

Personal Email Signature

Just like company email signatures, a personal email signature offers many opportunities to leave a positive impression on your email audience. It’s much easier to manage this for one person (versus company email signature for all employees), so using a free email signature generator make might the most sense. Even though Sigstr is geared more towards email signature marketing for larger companies, we’re still here as a resource for inspiration or ideas! Feel free to use our provided examples as a starting point for your personal email signature templates.

An email signature for personal account reasons can look very similar to a company-branded signature. Be sure to include your name, contact information, call-to-action, and social media links. A headshot can be optional. If you’re looking for an email signature templates psd free download to see these elements in action, it might be hard to find. Instead, find a handy free tool or generator dedicated to personal email signature templates. Free resources like this can help you get started on your email signature marketing journey. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re searching for a responsive html email signature template, free tools may be limited. Free email signature templates for mac mail may also be hard to find. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or publisher, email signature template best practices should be the same as company-focused email signatures.

Best Email Signature Examples

Marketers today are doing so many wildly creative things with email signature marketing, it’s best to first look through their best email signatures examples for inspiration. This can help marketing teams prioritize use cases for the call-to-action and design teams visualize all of the different design elements working together. A few of our favorites can be seen below.

Email Signature Template

Eye-catching colors, a company logo, and a creative call-to-action are just a few components that make up the best email signatures. 2018 was a year where marketers took this to the next level. Sigstr’s September Issue of Email Signature Marketing showcases the best of the best and provides ideas and inspiration for other marketers.

By now you may be familiar with what makes up a beautifully branded email signature, but what about the opposite? Here is a list of things you won’t find in the best email signatures:

  • Comic Sans or Times New Roman font
  • Inspirational quotes
  • More than five social media icons
  • Fax numbers
  • “Sent from my iPhone”
  • More than three font colors
  • Awkward or unprofessional head shots
  • Lengthy disclaimers
  • Outdated calls-to-action (especially for events or webinars)
  • Alma mater logos
  • More than two job titles
  • An excessive list of company or personal awards

Free Email Signature Templates for Gmail

In addition to Outlook, many personal and company email accounts are Gmail. And just like Outlook, many free email signature templates for Gmail are available for smaller companies following a strict budget. Whether you’re the boss of your own company, a consultant, freelancer, or part of a bigger company, a professional Gmail signature is always recommended to make the most out of every email sent. And if you’re ready to take your email signature marketing strategy to the next level, html-based email signatures work best.

In order to create html signature Gmail templates and designs that integrate directly with your email system, purchasing software that helps manage this process is important. Free tools or generators have limited capabilities when trying to create html that can dynamically update across your entire company.

With that being said, no matter which tool or software you decide to use, at least start somewhere and be proactive about this piece of digital real estate. Your most important customers, contacts, and prospects stare at this area of an email every day. The more you can do to have this work in your favor, the better! Have it represent your brand well all while promoting your most important initiatives.

Email Signature Software

If it does make sense to invest in email signature software that can manage this process for you, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Is it more expensive to invest in software rather than doing nothing at all? Meaning, how much time does it take for each employee to update his or her email signature, and how does that translate to opportunity cost for our business?
  • What is most important to our business when choosing a vendor? Ease of use, features and functionality, customer service, or all of the above?
  • How will this help make our lives easier and help different teams within the company achieve their goals?

In addition to Sigstr, CodeTwo email signatures and 365 Monogram are options to consider. Of course we would love any opportunity to help your team and work with you as a customer, but we also want what is best for you and your business. With that said, we make it a common practice to recommend other vendors if we feel that it is in your best interest.

Whether you ultimately choose to use a free tool, generator, or invest in software, first determine which features are most important to you and the price point. For example, with software like Sigstr, users have the ability to dynamically update their campaign banners based on the sender or recipient. So, your sales team’s email signature can promote an upcoming webinar, all while the marketing team promotes a new case study. An internal banner will appear when one coworker emails another coworker within your team. And the campaign can even be personalized for a specific contact or account. What appears to be small in size, the piece of digital real estate actually represents endless opportunities to personalize each email. This functionality (and more) is possible with email signature software like Sigstr!

HubSpot Email Signature Image Size

Another benefit of email signature software is the ability to integrate with the other tools of platforms you’re already using for marketing and sales purposes. For example, HubSpot for marketing automation. The HubSpot email signature image size is a topic that comes up a lot with our customers, and something we can help with because of our integration with HubSpot. Imagine having the ability to have the same, standardized email signature in all emails you send out of Gmail or Outlook and HubSpot. Or, choose to have a different HubSpot email signature template for different emails depending on the sender or recipients. Is your HubSpot email signature not working for one reason or another? If so, Sigstr can help!

In addition to the template, Sigstr allows you to effectively track traffic and conversions that originated from your employees’ email signatures. Not only that, you can use HubSpot smart lists and pair them up with specific email signature banners. So, if you’re emailing someone who is currently on the “Manufacturing Industry” smart list, you can create an email signature banner that promotes a case study on how your business has helped another manufacturing company. With HubSpot and email signature software like Sigstr, you can turn employee email into your new favorite marketing channel!